Let the Trials Begin (Part 1) is the twenty-fifth episode of Bakugan RP: Dimensional Heroes.

I was standing there completely still on top of a cliff. The wind was blowing through my hair. Drago was sitting there on my shoulder. Everything remained silent until someone broke the silence.

Jade: "What are you doing?"

Me: "Focusing." I tried not to sound annoyed.

Jade: "On what?"

Me: "Contacting the Six Ancient Warriors to being the trials."

Emilia: "How do we know who goes first?"

Drago: "We don't." The sky began to become engulfed in storm clouds.

"Are you ready to conduct your trials? Once you begin, you cannot leave."

Me: "If you guy are ready, hold up your Bakugan." I held up my Dragonoid.

Phantom held up Hawktor. Jade held up Brawlacus Dharak. Destroyer held up Dharak. Axel held up Sabator. Emilia was holding Olifus in her hand and nervously looked down.

Phantom: "What's wrong?"

Emilia: "I don't think I'm ready."

Phantom: "I've seen you train. You're strong, I know you're ready."

Emilia: "Really...? Thanks..." Emilia held up Olifus and blushed.

Phantom: "Anytime."

Lightning from the clouds struck down upon us and we vanished. Destroyer and I appeared next to the masked Six Ancients, but Exedra was nowhere to be found. Apollonir glared at me and said:

"You better have trained them well. If they fail, their Bakugan will be sent to the Doom Dimension for eternity."

Me: "Wait what?! That wasn't part of the deal!"

Clayf: "Deal with it, kid."

Lars Lion: "Each of your friends will have a different trial which will ultimately result in them brawling us and having to win. We will not go easy on them."

Destroyer: "Why am I here but the others are at their trials?"

Oberus: "Exedra was already defeated, the Shadow Jewel Fragment is in someone's possession already."

Me: "What?! Who's?!"

Frosch: "Aides Immortus."

I was speechless. I laid back in this interdimensional space and viewed the trials begin through the Perfect Core.

The TrialsEdit

(Phantom's point of view.)

Jade, Emilia, Axel, and I are unconscious in a forest. I woke up to find us in some grassy field.

Me: "Where are we?" The others woke up.

Jade: "No clue." Each of our Bakugan got up and flew in 4 opposite directions. We chased after them, thus becoming separated.


(Masterz's point of view.)

???: "Hello Brawlekus."

???: "Hello Drago."

Drago and I: "YOU!" The Dark Master and Drakohex had appeared behind us with Duncan and Blast. "What are you guys doing here?" We said simultaneously.

Dark Master: "The Dark Hex are a part of the trials. But instead of having their Bakugan sent to the Doom Dimension, I have agreed to simply remove my mask as a sign of sportsmanship to you Brawlers."

Drakohex: "So we don't mind if we lose, which won't happen anyway."

Me: "You lose, you reveal yourself. We lose, our Bakugan die. That's not cool man."

Clayf: "Didn't you recall me saying deal with it?"


When I caught up to Hawktor, I knew we weren't alone. Hawktor felt the same.

Me: "Keep your guard up." There was an ominous gust of wind. Large, dark green feathers were on the ground. We knew it could only mean one thing. "Bakugan Brawl! Stand Ventus Tornado Hawktor!"

"Ability Activate! Fly Fang - Hyper Storm!" It was Zeke and his Evil Twin Ventus Hawktor.

Me: "Ability Activate! Tornado Boomerang!" Tornado Hawktor threw its 2 boomerangs at Evil Twin Hawktor and it was caught between 2 twisters.


(Jade's point of view.)

I was annoyed with Dharak once I finally caught up to her. "Where were you flying off to?"

Dharak: "I don't know, I felt like something was forcing me in this direction."

Me: "Well now we're separated from the others. Might as well prepare for the trials."

Dharak: "This is the trial, but nothing has happened yet." Out of nowhere, we were blasted down from above.

"THINK AGAIN!" It was that princess, Katana, and her Lumagrowl.

Me: "Bakugan Brawl! Rise Haos Twin Brawlacus Dharak! Ability Activate! Holy Blow!" Dharak blasted Lumagrowl and I was prepared to take Katana down.


(Emilia's point of view.)

Me: "Olifus!"

Olifus: "I can't stop!" Then Olifus stopped moving and fell into a puddle. It made me laugh. "Something made me come here."

Me: "Maybe that lake over there, it seems pretty irresistable. Just look at how pretty it is." The sunlight reflected beautifully off the water. I threw Olifus into the lake, he turned into his Bakugan form. I sat next to the lake and I looked at my reflection. My blue hair and blue eyes nearly blended in with the water.

Olifus: "I rarely see you hyper anymore. When we first met you seemed like the most energetic person in the world."

Me: "Well you were kidnapped once and we have this whole saving the world thing. I guess I can live it up to Brawley."

Olifus: "Don't let him take all the credit. Show the team how strong you really are."

"Aww how sweet. It disgusts me. Ability Activate! Tidal Crusher!" It was Rina, she just had to ruin the peaceful mood. Her Gren had dragged Olifus down into the water. She snuck up behind me, grabbed my hair and forced me to the ground. "If I can't advance past Brawley X Masterz, what makes you think you will?" I was speechless.


(Axel's point of view.)

Sabator had gone off to some cliff. I caught up to him just before he had gone too far for me to catch him.

Me: "Besides when we're needed, we never really hang out with the other team members."

Sabator: "Aren't you busy with schoolwork and your family?"

Me: "Yeah, but sometimes I wish we could brawl for fun rather than for the sake of the world." We felt the ground shake beneath us. I looked over the edge of the cliff carefully, and I saw Terrance. He had his Subterra Bolcanon and Quake Dragonoid punching the side of the cliff. He seemed to mimic their movements.

Terrrance: "Keep going. Don't stop 'til you're past your limits." He was training, obviously not knowing we were here. His Bakugan were in shape, but he seemed to be getting tired.

Me: "Bakugan Brawl! Rise Sabator! Ability Activate! Brute Cam Wilder!" Sabator jumped off the cliff and smacked down onto the two Bakugan.


The trials have begun, no one realizing that they're just fighting over who gets to finish. Can Brawley, Drago, Drakohex, and the Dark Master stay in the same room without killing each other? Will he really take off his mask? The Six Ancients have surpises in store for the B.E.C.B. on Bakugan RP: Dimensional Heroes!

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