A lion of eight different Crystalic Attributes. His mane and bushy hairs around his legs; legs burn with the eight attribute colors and are extremely large in muscle. He has eight blades resting on his body. Each blade is a color of one of his Crystalic Attributes. All eight blades are open at their tip. He also has two fangs and a small abdomen like a spider has.


  • Tangled Mane! ( Leorse's mane grows and attacks the opponent )
  • Blade Assault! ( Leorse's eight blades assault the opponent )
  • Black Onyx Discharge! ( Black Onyx electricity charges into the opponent from Leorse )
  • Periflection! ( Leorse's eight blades come together and make a reflective, peridot barrier )
  • Venomiousury! ( Leorse bites the opponent, rapidly hitting the opponent with fist and knee strikes, then throws the opponent. Leorse injects poisoning venom into the opponent, during the bite )
  • Wrath Blast! ( Leorse releases a blast of emerald colored winds from his mouth )
  • Electrolizer! ( Leorse’s eight blade tips touch the opponent and release electricity into the opponent’s body )
  • Burn Crusher! ( Leorse stomps on the opponent multiple times with his flaming feet )

Ultimate Abilities:Edit

  • Burounce (formerly Pouncing Burn-Crush)! ( Leorse pounces onto the opponent, engulfing the opponent in white flames )

Sacred Abilities:Edit

Tag Abilities:Edit

Ultimate Tag Abilities:Edit

Sacred Tag Abilities:Edit

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