Leonidas (Bakugan)
Type Tachyon Leonidas
First appearance TBA
Gender Male
Attribute Unknown
Power 1000 Gs (RP)
Variations Leonidas
Omega Leonidas
Tachyon Leonidas
Brawler None
Battle Gear None
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Main Adversary TBA

Leonidas is a unique Bakugan, and the first of his own type. He is to be partnered with V.





Leonidas, in his "Omega" evolutionary stage, disappeared one day, and returned much later. When he returned, it was shown that he had acquired a bizarre, new form dubbed the "Tachyon" evolutionary stage. Leonidas had also apparently became amnesiac; he has no recollection of his past experiences with V.

Notable QuotesEdit

  • " not remember you." - Leonidas to V

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Leonidas once had powers reminiscent of the "Darkus" Attribute. Following his return in the new "Tachyon" form, however, he has not demonstrated use of original powers. This may be the result of his amnesia, which is more severe than originally believed.

What Leonidas has demonstrated, however, are strange light-based powers. Leonidas is also capable of traveling at a speed faster than that of light in a vacuum, which is approximately 3.00×108 m/s (meters per second). When converted to miles per second (mi/s), this speed is 186,282 mi/s.

It is possible that Leonidas has more powers than he lets on. Given the extent of his amnesia, however, this is entirely theoretical.

Ability CardsEdit


  • Crippling Amnesia: Leonidas has a severe form of amnesia. As a result, he does not remember most, let alone anything, of his past. He does not recognize his partner, V. This amnesia may have given Leonidas the side effect that renders him incapable of demonstrating his original powers pertaining to the "Darkus" Attribute.
  • Light-Based Powers: Leonidas's newfound light-based powers are a blessing as well as a curse. He has demonstrated incomplete control over them, sometimes barely any at all. He can potentially cause massive destruction against his own behest. It is a miracle that his partner, V, has lasted alongside Leonidas in his current "Tachyon" form.


  • "Tachyon" means "a hypothetical particle that travels faster than light". Leonidas' current form allows him to travel at speeds "faster than of light", as well as provides him with light-based powers.
  • Leonidas' name pays homage to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Monster "Number 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon".
    • Number 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon's appearance is being used as a placeholder for Leonidas' actual appearance. The reason for this is that both are extremely similar.
  • Originally, this version of Leonidas was going to serve as a "reboot" version of the first Leonidas. V had planned this because he felt that the first Leonidas's history was cluttered with unnecessary evolutionary stages and events.
    • However, the universe in which this "Tachyon" Leonidas exists will never be developed, and thus this Leonidas is no more than a concept.


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