After a few minutes of Wolfgang slamming their door, Samantha has left the bedroom with Starlet. She continues to calm Starlet as she looks for Wolfgang...

Starlet) Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Samantha) *Looking down at Starlet, slowly rocking her back and forth in her arms* It's alright, baby-girl.

( Samantha walks towards her kitchen )

Samantha) *Looks down the hallway* Daddy's going through a troubling time right now. I know he didn't mean to slam our bedroom door and wake you up.

Starlet) Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

( Samantha takes her last few steps into the kitchen )

Starlet) Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Samantha) Starlet, Mommy has you.

( Samantha walks into the kitchen, but there is no Wolfgang )

Samantha) *Looks around the kitchen* Do you see Daddy? Starlet? *Looks down at Starlet* That was quick.

( Samantha walks to the kitchen sink and looks outside at the untouched snow blanketing the yard )

Samantha) Beautiful.

( Samantha turns to the kitchen door and sees Wolfgang sitting on the steps with his head in both his hands )

Samantha) Wolfgang...

Outside with Wolfgang...

Wolfgang) We were just your puppets, Dad. That's all we were to you. You used Mom to get me, May, Christian, Persona, Ray, and Crystal. You wanted me to be your successor whenever you died again, but I didn't turn out the way you hoped. I turned out to be a hero to Earth.

( A cold breeze blows )

Wolfgang) I don't understand you at all. Killing our friends to message me. Poor Aaron could be scarred for life now because of you. Dad, why are you doing this? WHY?! When did yo-

( The door behind Wolfgang creaks )

Samantha) Wolfgang, *Places blanket over him* it's cold out here.

Wolfgang) *Lifts head up* I know.

Samantha) *Sits beside Wolfgang* Care to let me know what you saw?

Wolfgang) *Shakes head* I'll show you the video tomorrow.

Samantha) Alright.

( Samantha and Wolfgang look at the snow blanketing the ground )

Samantha) The snow looks beautiful, doesn't it?

Wolfgang) Not as beautiful as you.

Samantha) Aww.

( Samantha and Wolfgang kiss each other )

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