Jupico and Drarieror are going at it again, by Drarieror’s request, while Termoce and Aquerm are proving a case of them actually being done with trying to find Wolf...

( Jupico lands behind Drarieror with their backs facing each other )

( Drarieror back kicks Jupico, but misses as Jupico backflips over him )

( Jupico lands in front of Drarieror )

( Drarieror tries grabbing Jupico with both his arms )

( Jupico counters with another backflip, kicking Drarieror’s jaw and landing further away from Drarieror )

( Drarieror falls to the ground )

< Jupico) You're missing effort >

Drarieror) Listen old man you're too fast for me to even try!

< Jupico) Wolfie's going to be faster >

Drarieror) *Shoulder cannons begin to light up* Wolfie's also more larger.

< Jupico) But also more tougher >

Drarieror) *Flames start to spill over* Nope, not at all! *Releases two fiery dragons at Jupico*

( Jupico stands still as the fiery dragons make impact with him )

Drarieror) HA, I GOT YOU! *Flames start to pull back into Drarieror’s cannons*

( Jupico slides, but not by much )

Drarieror) NOW HOW ABOUT *Runs and jumps into the air* TH- CRAAAAA

( Jupico grabs the lengthy bodies of both dragons and yanks them )

( Drarieror rockets towards Jupico )


( Jupico bows )

( Drarieror faceplants onto the ground )

< Jupico) Waste of a jump, Drarieror, make every movement count >

( Jupico chops both fiery dragons from their necks; the two fiery dragons dissipate )

( Drarieror lifts his head off the ground )

( Jupico looks over and backs up )

( Drarieror gets onto his left knee )

( Jupico runs forward, his feet both turning into green flames )

( Drarieror gets back to a standing position )

( Jupico jumps up and both of his feet land on the back of Drarieror’s skull )

< Jupico) Every movement I make has a purpose. Drarieror, you need purpose behind everything if you think you have a chance against Wolfie >

( Drarieror faceplants into the ground once more, with green flames bursting )

( Jupico gets off Drarieror’s head )

< Jupico) I know you can do better than this >

( Jupico lifts Drarieror’s head off the ground with his foot )

Drarieror) *Groggy* I can and will do better when I have a fair fight.

( Jupico pushes Drarieror’s head back and kicks his skull with that same foot )

( Drarieror falls onto his back )

( Jupico backflips )

( Drarieror doesn’t move )

( Jupico’s feet crash onto Drarieror’s chest )

( Jupico jumps high into the sky, turning to green flames before reaching his peak )

( Drarieror continues to not move )


( Green flames erupt, as Jupico lands back onto Drarieror’s chest )

( Drarieror returns to his ball form )

< Jupico) There's so much potential in you, Pyrym didn't choose you for nothing. Drarieror, you put up little...I need you to fight to your potential next time >

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