Wolfgang and Samantha's first day back home has come close to the end. Wolfgang and Samantha lay in bed, both awake and talking about Wolf's first video...

Samantha) Honey, Wolf doesn't scare you at all, right?

Wolfgang) I wish, Samantha, I wish I could say he doesn't scare me, but he does. He's a deranged lunatic that needs to be put down.

Samantha) He does without you going down with him.

Wolfgang) Samantha, why can't you understand?

Samantha) It's the future and the future cannot be changed. I know, but Wolfgang, I cannot disagree with your reasoning more than I have.

Wolfgang) Well then, what's wrong with my reasoning? Oh wait, you're just going to tell me that I can change the future.

Samantha) Correct.

Wolfgang) I know it's correct.

Samantha) Good, I'm glad you finally admit my reasoning is correct.

Wolfgang) *Sighs* You're desperate.

Samantha) You can say I'm desperate, but it's what's best for our children.

Wolfgang) We don't know that, Samantha. However, we both know someday we're going to be without each other for the rest of our lives. Get over the fact that you'll lose me because it's going to happen sometime.

Samantha) I know.

Wolfgang) I have to take care of Dad, and you know that.

Samantha) I know, I'm not going to stop you. I just don't want you to die.

Wolfgang) Why? So we cannot cuddle anymore?

Samantha) Tonight could be the last night.

Wolfgang) Then what are we waiting for? Starlet's asleep, so why are we wasting our time chatting about something we talk too much about. Besides, we both need some shut eye because I don't know how much we'll get.

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