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In a dark room, with not a light on, a pile of Bakugan lays in a box. The box is labeled “Wolfie’s Meals” and is being dug through by an anonymous person...

???) *Picks a Haos Bakugan up* No. *Chucks it away*

( The Haos Bakugan bounces off the wall and into a trashcan )

???) *Picks a Ventus Bakugan up* Nope *Throws it away*

( The Ventus Bakugan lands into a box )

???) *Picks up a Darkus Bakugan* Nah. *Tosses it away*

( The Darkus Bakugan lands into the same box as the Ventus Bakugan )

???) *Picks up a Aquos Bakugan* Purf - WOOF! *Shoves the Aquos Bakugan into his mouth and runs out of the room on his two hands and two feet*

In the trashcan, the Haos Bakugan opens out of its ball form...

??? 2) …*Floats out of the trashcan* This is not Corper nor is this home...Where am I?

On a battlefield, in Wolf’s hiding place, Wolf speaks with Wolfie. Wolfie is awaiting the arrival of her next meal, breakfast...

( Wolfie scratches the hard ground beneath her )


Wolf) Wolfie, it’s coming.

Demenatic Wolfie) Oh, it better be coming...I’m starving!

Wolf) Wolfie, you should know better than this...Only the weak starve...Are you WEAK?!

Demenatic Wolfie) I know, Master Wolf.

Wolf) And you’re no Volf and I’m no Wolfgang. You’re Demenatic Wolfie, the master of all Bakugan...You’re at the top of the food chain...Just like me.

( Stomps can be heard in a hallway coming into the room )

( Wolfie’s tongue comes out of her mouth )

( The stomps get louder and louder, until Johnny enters the room )

Johnny) *Rubs against Wolf’s leg* WOOF! *Spits out an Aquos Bakugan*

Wolf) Good boy! *Pats Johnny’s head* Now, did you close the door this time?

Johnny) WOOF!

Wolf) Did you?

Johnny) WOOF!

Demenatic Wolfie) *Begging* Breakfast?! *Wags tail and opens mouth*

Johnny) WOOF!


Johnny) No.

Wolf) *Head twitches* What did you say?

Johnny) No...I didn’t close the door...Wolfie...She wanted her food...


Johnny) Th -

Wolf) I REALLY DON’T *Kicks Johnny’s head* CARE! *Kicks Johnny’s stomach* I TOLD YOU TO CLOSE IT AFTER YOU’RE DONE! *Stomps on Johnny’s head* WHY CAN’T THAT GET THROUGH TO YOU?!

( Crystal stops at the door )

Johnny) *Head is bleeding* I...

Wolf) WOLFGANG, WHY CAN YOU NOT LISTEN! *Kicks Johnny’s head very hard*

( Johnny’s head gushes blood )

Wolf) Wolfgang, you’ll never learn...NEVER LEARN, YOU STUPID KID!

Crystal) DOGGY! *Runs into the room*

Wolf) …

Crystal) *Runs up to Johnny* Doggy, you alright?!

Wolf) *Kicks the Aquos Bakugan away* D*MN IT!

Crystal) Doggy?!


Crystal) D=

Johnny) … … ...woof

Crystal) DOGGY! *Hugs Johnny*

( The Aquos Bakugan crashes onto the ground, coming out of its ball form )

Demenatic Wolfie) SWEET MEAL!

Aqurrias) …

Demenatic Wolfie) *Drools* THIS IS GREAT! *Disappears*

Aqurrias) …*Gets knocked onto the ground*

Demenatic Wolfie) *Appears* THIS SHALL BE DELICIOUS! *Bites Aqurrias’ lower-left leg*

Aqurrias) RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH *Rolls over, slamming Wolfie onto the ground*

( Wolfie turns to black spheres )

( Aqurrias rolls onto his belly, squashing many black spheres )

Wolf) …

( Aqurrias’ two large panels on his back charge )

( Wolfie’s head, however, forms beside Aqurrias’ neck )

( Aqurrias slams his tail onto the ground, squashing some black spheres )

Demenatic Wolfie) AWOOOOO! *Bites Aqurrias’ neck*

Aqurrias) AAAAHHH! *Rolls over*

( Wolfie’s head gets squashed )

( All black spheres, squashed or not, roll under Aqurrias’ back )

( Aqurrias’ body lifts off the ground as Wolfie reforms )

( Wolfie’s head body reforms )

( Aqurrias’ panels close on Wolfie in an almost hexagon formation )

( Wolfie’s tail reforms )

( Aqurrias rolls onto his belly )

( Wolfie’s legs finish reforming )

( Aqurrias’ final two panels of Aqurrias’ slabs of armor finish the hexagon off and lock Wolfie in )

Wolf) Huh.

( Aqurrias’ panels, all blue, disperse blue sparks )

( Wolfie’s body glows sapphire-blue, with sparks of electricity hopping around )

Aqurrias) This maybe my last fight, but I’m not going down without using everything I have!

Demenatic Wolfie) Sssssh, food, ssssssssh.

Aqurrias) I don’t obey you.

( Wolfie twirls, bringing in heavy winds )

( Sapphire-blue light shines too bright to see Wolfie )

( Black spheres, however, start to shoot out of the sapphire-blue light from any direction )

( Aqurrias lowers his head to the ground and fires Wolfie out in a sapphire-blue beam )

( Black spheres continue to shoot out, as Wolfie twirls )

( The beam closes in on the wall, but suddenly makes a U-turn )

Aqurrias) I expected that...*Jumps and flips so his armor faces the beam*

( The beam speeds up )

( Aqurrias’ head balances him in midair, while positioned on the ground )


( The beam crashes into Aqurrias )

( Wolfie comes out of blue smoke )

( Aqurrias falls onto the ground, behind Wolfie, with a huge hole in his body )

( Wolfie’s tongue hangs out )

Wolf) *Claps* You may now eat.

Demenatic Wolfie) YES! *Flies over to Aqurrias*

( Aqurrias tries rolling over, but Wolfie puts her paw on his neck and forces him down )

Aqurrias) Wolfie, don’t do this...Think about it...

( Wolfie, doesn’t think, and bites Aqurrias’ leg )


( Three black sphere wolf puppies form beside Wolfie )

( Wolfie glares at them )

Black Sphere Wolf Puppies) Awooo!

Demenatic Wolfie) MINE! *Throws Aqurrias into them*

( Aqurrias’ leg tears off his body, as he crashes into the black sphere puppies )

( The black sphere puppies become black spheres and return to Wolfie’s body )

( Aqurrias keeps going and crashes into the wall )

( Wolfie pulls some of the meat off of Aqurrias’ torn leg )

Crystal) BYE DOGGY! *Pushes Johnny off the floor high above Wolfie and Aqurrias*

( Johnny falls until he eventually lands on Aqurrias )

( Wolfie looks back at Aqurrias and Johnny )

Wolf) Good girl.

( Wolfie gets up )

Crystal) I did it for you, Daddy.

( Wolfie walks towards Aqurrias and Johnny, with Aqurrias’ leg hanging )

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