Inside a cell with four other women and May...

May) *Chained to the wall* This must be how it feels...My wrist hurt.

Sara) Yeah...Just wait until you’ve been there for a few months.

May) That’s how long you four have been here?

Sara) Yeah.

May) Where are we? I know we’re locked up, but what’s this place’s location?

Emily) We don’t know.

May) Okay.

Sara) So why are you here?

May) I disobeyed Dad.

Sara) That’s how your mom, I, Emily, and Julie got in here.

May) But my Mom’s out there...

Serenity) No, I’m right here, May.

May) …

Serenity) I know it’s strange, but that’s truly the truth.

May) Then who’s out there?

Serenity) Your “father’s” clone of me, I guess. I knew he went a bit crazy once I disobeyed him.

May) Really?

Serenity) Yeah.

May) And who’s Julie?

Julie) *Stares at May* …

May) *Looks over at Julie* Hello, who are you?

( Julie looks away )

May) Okay <_<

Serenity) She hasn’t spoken since she got in here, dear.

May) Okay, Mom.

Meanwhile, in DF and Blue’s cell...

Blue) I find it ridiculous how no one can notice when you’re unchained here.

DF) Yeah.

Blue) But hey, brainwashed people...That’s all.

DF) You know, I don’t really know myself, but it sure looks like it. I believe you on that.

Blue) On that? If we’re both going to get out of here, we need to trust each other and I trust you, so trust me completely.

DF) How do I trust someone who’s turned on their family multiple times?

Blue) It was just business.

DF) But your family should have always came first.

Blue) Right, but we need to escape. My wife is locked up in another cell, so we have to free her too.

DF) Okay.

Buratro) BULKY!

Barinel) ECHO, ECHO, ECH -

DF) Ssssh, we’re talking here.

Blue) Yeah.

Blue) Yada yada yada, I don’t feel like details, but we’ll get to escape capsules and get back home.

DF) Okay.

Nebula Meteonoid and Barinel) …

Blue) We just need to figure out how we get out of here.

DF) Barinel, get the to-

Blue) No, that’ll alert them. Besides, isn’t Barinel too big for this room?

DF) Maybe...Hmm...

Back into the cell May’s in, May has been unchained by a guard...

Guard) Master Wolf requests you...

May) Why?

( The guard doesn’t answer )

May) You don’t know why do you?

Guard) Master Wolf wants you.

May) =/

( The guard walks )

Serenity) Well, May...

May) Yes?

Serenity) Be safe. *Winks*

May) I will. *Winks*

( May walks to the exit of the room )

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