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Wolfgang has a flashback of a brawl he had against Pyro and DG...

( Volf turns to a puddle of sapphire water, before Volcano Dragonoid’s impact, avoiding him )

Wolfgang) Ability Activate! Sapphire Pulse! ( Gemention Volf releases a pulse of hard, sapphire water, that burst into a force of water at impact )

( Volf’s head forms out of the puddle )

Pyro) Volcano, behind you! Ability Activate! Volcanic Blast! ( Volcano Dragonoid fires a magma blast at his opponent, from his chest )

( Volcanic Dragonoid turns around )

( Volf’s sapphire head releases a sapphire pulse at Volcano Dragonoid )

( Volcano Dragonoid releases a magma blast at Volf, from his chest )

( A mini-explosion goes off, with steam going into the sky and no water left )

Wolfgang) Linked Abilities Activate! Crystic Change! ( Gemention Volf's body changes to a hard clear diamond structure ) + Crystic Crack! ( Gemention Volf charges into the opponent and leaves heavy damage )

( Volf’s diamond body forms, while falling towards Volcano Dragon )

Pyro) Ability Activate! Volcanic Rust! ( Volcano Dragonoid heats his fist up and punches his opponent )

( Volcano Dragonoid’s fist glows a slight orange and heats up )

( Half of Volf’s diamond body is completely formed, while the back continues to form )

( Volcano Dragonoid’s fist lets off dark, black smoke )

Gemention Volf) AWOOO! *Right above Volcano Dragonoid*

Volcano Dragonoid) *Uppercuts Volf to no avail* …

( Black smoke gets into Volf’s forming body )

Gemention Volf) Was that suppose to hurt? *Slams paws onto Volcano Dragonoid*

( Volcano Dragonoid, luckily, falls onto the ground in front of Volf )

Volcano Dragonoid) *Sits up and shakes left hand* That actually hurt...*Starts to get back up*

Wolfgang) Ability Activate! Black Onyx Pulse! ( Gemention Volf releases a pulse of black onyx that burst into a force of darkus energy at impact )

( In Volf’s clear, diamond body, the black smoke moves up to Volf’s mouth )

( Volcano Dragonoid continues to get up, but doesn’t pay attention to Volf )

( Volf releases a Black Onyx Pulse at Volcano Dragonoid )

Pyro) Cover yourself!

Volcano Dragonoid) *Looks at Pyro* What?

Pyro) In front of you!

Volcano Dragonoid) *Looks in front of him* CRAP! *Wings close to shield him*


( Volcano Dragonoid gets hit by the pulse; Volcano Dragonoid gets encased in purple, darkus energy, before it explodes with a “BOOM!” and black smoke erupts )

( Gemention Volf, body fully formed, goes into hiding )

Volcano Dragonoid) *Walking around* I hate this...Volf, come out from wherever you are!

Wolfgang) Ability Activate! Electrocution! ( Gemention Volf discharges peridot electricity in a field )

( Gemention Volf’s front paws’ claws crystalize into peridot and emit a yellowish color )

Volcano Dragonoid) *Slowly looks over* Found you, soldier!

( Volf’s front paws lift into the air )

Pyro) Okay then, Ultimate Ability Activate! Volcanic Erupt! ( Volcano Dragonoid fires an intense beam from his volcanic chest )

Volcano Dragonoid) *Chest heating up* Oh Volf, stand still!

( Volf slams her front paws onto the ground, creating an electrical surrounding around the field; Volf also becomes hidden from Volcano Dragonoid )

Volcano Dragonoid) And I lost her.

Wolfgang) Ultimate Ability Activate! Rainbond Gyrate! ( Gemention Volf twirls with all Crystalic attributes used as an aura )

( Volf, unseen, takes flight and flies around Volcano Dragonoid )

Volcano Dragon) *Feeling winds hit him* She’s around here...

( Suddenly, an aura is made from Volf’s fur crystallizing as she spins )

Volcano Dragon) *Sees Volf’s aura* THERE YOU ARE! *Releases beam from his chest*

( Volf moves clockwise, while Volcano Dragonoid’s beam follows her )

Pyro) *Beam’s coming towards him* VOLCANO, STOP!

( Volf continues moving, but Volcano Dragonoid’s beam fades away )

Pyro) Ability Activate! Volcanic Discharge! ( Volcanic Dragonoid discharges volcanic heat that paralyzes an opponent )

Volcano Dragonoid) *Gets encased with red electricity* SOLDIER, I NEED YOU TO REMAIN STEADY! *Moves arms, making the encasing field grow*

( Volf gets caught by the volcanic electricity and is forced to stay still )

Darcano Dragonoid) *Hiding behind bushes and trees* Perfect opportunity here! *Quickly takes flight out of the bushes and trees*

DG) *With Darcano Dragonoid* Ability Activate! Blackburn Clipper! ( Darcano Dragonoid generates dark heated energy and charges into his opponent with his blade wing )

( Darcano’s wings generate some purple smoke, as he moves along )

Volcano Dragonoid) *Doesn’t see Darcano coming* Volf, you’ve came along way and you certainly have improved. However, you cannot beat me, at least not yet. *Releases beam at Volf*

( Darcano gets really close to Volf, but the beam moves quicker )

( Suddenly, Darcano picks speed up )

( Darcano crashes into Volf )

( Volf shatters )


( Darcano gets hit by the beam and returns to his ball form )

Volcano Dragonoid) ...DARCANO, THE HECK!

( Volf reappears behind Volcano Dragonoid, twirling around in her aura made of gems )

( Pyro points for Volcano Dragonoid to look behind him )

Volcano Dragonoid) She’s behind me...


( Volf crashes into Volcano Dragonoid, creating an explosion of her eight elements and Volcano Dragonoid’s electrocution )

( Volcano Dragonoid returns to his ball form )

( Pyro throws in Tigressoid )

Tigressoid) *Comes out of ball form* TIME TO SMASH SO-

( Wolfgang suddenly wakes up )

Samantha) *Takes her hand off Wolfgang* Time to go, sleepy head.

Wolfgang) …

Samantha) Wolfgang?

Wolfgang) ...Yes?

Samantha) Okay, you’re still alive...It’s time to go.

Wolfgang) Okay.

( Samantha starts to walk away from Wolfgang )

??? 6) *Looks at Wolfgang* Thank you for the autograph earlier.

Wolfgang) Autograph...Oh yeah, you’re welcome...*Gets up* Thank you for the trip.

??? 6) You’re welcome.

( Wolfgang walks away )

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