Last Stand is a fanon/story created by Zie, it is based of Fear Factor, Total Drama, and Survivor, it will shall stunts, action, love, epicness, and explosions.


16 weird and anime looking characters duke it out in Animega Island, facing serious threats and challenges in their way, in order to win 1 million dollars!


There will be 16 contestants, 8 male, 8 female, they will duke it out to win 1 million dollars. The show's host is none other than Zie himself, and Trollista and Jerry are apparently making an appearance.

Larry The Mailman is the chef, because, just because.


  1. Welcome To The Ring, Part 1
  2. Welcome To The Ring, Part 2
  3. Flying Across The Forest
  4. The Devil And The Dare
  5. Wrecked Galleon
  6. Knightmare On Pizzaclops Street
  7. The Ranger Of West Jerry
  8. Last One Standing, Part 1
  9. Last One Standing, Part 2

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