With Wolf and Nuzamaki90 sucessful, can Pyrosmaster, Jolts, and Kyuubidrago23 win their brawl?

Littleseed) You're finally here...

Winx) Huh?

Pyrosmaster) Yeah, we're here!


Littleseed) Then lets brawl for that beauty!

Winx) Meta Phoenix! LETS DO THIS!

( Meta Phoenix comes out of ball form )

Meta Phoenix) Sure!

Jolts) Phoenix! Lets go!

( Phoenix comes out of his ball form )

Phoenix) So... I'm not the only phoenix here!

Winx) Ability Activate! Meta-Flare! ( Sparks of heated metal come off of Meta Phoenix )

Jolts) Ability Activate! Darken Flames! ( Dark flares come off of Phoenix )

( The flares shoot everywhere and some hit the crystal )

Pyrosmaster) Ability Activate! Volcanic Flame! ( Volcano Dragonoid fires a beam from his chest's volcano )

Littleseed) Ability Activate! Feathery Winds! ( Feathera makes a gust of wind, that her razor sharp feathers follow in )

( Both blast collide, the feathers burn up, but the gust hits Volcano Dragonoid )

Pyrosmaster) Volcano Dragonoid! You okay?

Volcano Dragonoid) Yeah, I'm fine!

Pyrosmaster) Okay! Ability Activate! Volcano Recuperation! ( Volcano Dragonoid creates volcanoes out of the ground )

Volcano Dragonoid) Aero Tails, I need you to back me up!

Aero Tails) Okay!

Kyuubidrago23) Ability Activate! Aero Slash! ( Aero Tails uses his jet pack and flys into his opponent, slashing him a few times )

( Aero Tails flys into Feathera, slashing her 4 times )

Feathera) That didn't even hurt!

Littleseed) Ability Activate! Feather Swipe! ( Feathers fall off of Feathera and they target Feathera's opponent )

Aero Tails) Hmm...

( Aero Tails flys around, trying to avoid the feathers )

Jolts) Ability Activate! Blacken Flames! ( Phoenix releases a vortex of black flames at his opponent )

Winx) Ability Activate! Metal Flames! ( Meta Phoenix releases a vortex of flames with metal at his opponent )


( Flames start to fire everywhere, burning the feathers of Feathera up )

Aero Tails) FINALLY!

Volcano Dragonoid) The volcanoes are done!

Pyrosmaster) Ability Activate! Volcanic Eruption! ( Volcano Dragonoid's volcanoes fire rocky boulders on fire )

Littleseed) REALLY? Ability Activate! Winging Feathers! ( Feathera uses his wings to reflect an attack, towards her opponent )

( Feathera reflects the flaming rocks and they fly into the gem )


( Black sparks come from the gem and they hit all the bakugans, turning them into ball form. )

Pyrosmaster) What the...

( A black figure emerges from where the gem was and everyone passes out )

( The gem disappears and so does the black figure )!_Episode_40_Part_3/4

Grade of LC vs. NBE! Episode 39 Part 2/4?

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