Blue has walked into Samantha and Wolfgang's house, Kyleronco and PG have started their brawl...

Samantha) That is what your name will be...

Blue) Who are you talking to, Samantha?

Samantha) ...When were you there...

Blue) For about the last minute.

Samantha) Okay and no one, just myself...

Blue) What was it about?

Samantha) Uh...

Blue) Samantha, I know you don't trust me, I mean you know what you're doing, but you're keeping me out...

Samantha) ...

Blue) Anyways...I heard about what happened on the news...

Samantha) Yeah...

Blue) You know Wolfgang wouldn't have done any of that...

Samantha) I know, it's basically Arric ruining his life now...

Blue) Maybe it could be someone dressed like him...

Samantha) No, it's all Arric's fault for this, that was Wolfgang and I know he wouldn't do that...

[ Outside the house ]

( Terror Wolfie lands on his feet )

Terror Wolfie) You're good

Voltronic Leonial) I know

Terror Wolfie) But...

( Terror Wolfie disappears and appears behind Leonial )

Terror Wolfie) But now good enough!

( Terror Wolfie grabs Leonial's tail )

Kyleronco) Ability Activate! Terror Spin! ( Terror Wolfie spins the opponent in a tornado like move )

PG) Ability Activate! Voltifying! ( Voltronic Leonial makes a show of her lightning abilities in small doses )

( After 10 spins, electricity rushes into Terror Wolfie )

( Terror Wolfie lets go of Leonial as Leonial heads to a mountain with tornado force winds around her )

Terror Wolfie) I should have been smarter there...

( Terror Wolfie shakes him arms )

( Electricity goes pass Terror Wolfie )

Voltronic Leonial) That thunderstorm was so refreshing!

( Electricity explodes from Leonial, sending Terror Wolfie away )

Kyleronco) Ability Activate! Terronadic! ( Terror Wolfie makes winds that rocket towards the opponent )

( Leonial jumps into the air to avoid the windy blast, but gets pushes away )

( Leonial lands, while electricity flowes through the ground )

PG) Ability Activate! Lightning Crash! ( Leonial travels at lightning speed into the opponent twice )

( Terror Wolfie tries to move, but is stuck by the grounded electricity )

( Leonial crashes into Terror Wolfie, but Terror Wolfie still stands )

( Leonial charges again )

( Terror Wolfie uppercuts and sends Leonial into the sky )

Terror Wolfie) NOW GOODBYE!

( Terror Wlfie releases winds into the air with great strength )

( Leonial turns to her ball form and returns to PG's hands )

Nintendocan vs. Blueking4ever! Episode 45 Part 1/2

Grade of Kyleronco vs. PG! Episode 44?

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