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A few minutes have passed, Crimson has gone outside...

Jane) Dad...You missed the brawl I was in!

Crimson) Sorry, I was a little busy...Did you win?

Jane) Yep, Mike and me won =D

Crimson) Good job!

Jane) Thanks dad!

( Crimson puts his bowl of popcorn down )

( Crimson starts to look very serious )

Crimson) I need to talk to Blue for a minute...

Jane) Okay...

Crimson) Feel free to take some popcorn...

Jane) Okay...

( Crimson walks over to Blue and points over to behind the house )

Kyle) Ability Activate! Spike Down! ( Lizerrean charges into his opponent )

Crystal) Ability Activate! Crystal Mesh! ( Crystoid charges into her opponent )

( Crystoid's body sparkles )

( Lizerrean and Crystoid collide )

( Crystoid's body starts to crack as she flies backwards )

( Crystoid lands on her feet )

Lizerrean) Actually a challenge...

Kyle) Yeah! Ability Activate! Wind Take! ( Lizerrean creates whirlwinds, that suck in, from his mouth )

( A spirling force of winds form in Lizerrean's mouth as dirt gets sucked in )

Crystal) Ability Activate! Crystal Construct! ( Crystoid releases a crystal like blast that intensifies as time goes on )

( Crystoid releases the blast from her palms )

( The blast gets bigger and harder as it moves )

( The winds from Lizerrean's mouth catches the rock-hard crystal blast, speeding it up )

Kyle) Ability Activate! Spiked Shot! ( Lizerrean makes a tail shot, that returns attacks back or stops an attack )

( Lizerrean closes his mouth, flips into the air, and sends Crystoid's blast back at her with a tail shot )

( Crystoid jumps into the air to avoid the blast )

( Lizerrean fires his windy blast, that pulls the Crystal blast back towards Crystoid )

( Crystoid lands and shatters to pieces after both blast hit her )

Crystal) CRYSTOID!

Kyle) ...

Kyleronco) O_O

( Lizarrean runs up to check on Crystoid )

Lizerrean) OMG! I'M A BAKUMURDER! D'=


( Lizerrean flies into the air and turns to his ball form )

( Crystoid reforms )

Crystoid) Like I'm dead -_-

Crystal) =D


Kyle) okay, okay, okay...

( Kyle catches Lizerrean )

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