King CG Elergy is a Elergen!
King CG Elergy
Nickname(s) "King Cable Galton"
Gender Male
Species Elergen
Affiliation Villain
Style Offensive
Weapon(s) Royal Staff
Power(s) Manipulate Electricity


Description of Armor:Edit

  • Helmet - A black helmet with a golden visor and gold extending down to his chin. His crown is embedded into his helmet with six golden spikes sticking out. The spikes act as lightning rods.
  • Cape - An accessory with a golden strap that attaches to the back of his chest piece via static and black fabric reaches down to his feet.
  • Chestplate - Black armor with gold over his chest, ribs, stomach, and back.
  • Gloves - Thin, black gloves
  • Shoulderplates - Black plates extending off his shoulders with a large, golden spike extending to a height of the tips of his helmet's spikes.
  • Armored Leggings - Black armor with gold over the the front and back of his legs.
  • Armored Boots - Black boots with gold over the front and back of his boots.

Description of Weapon:Edit

  • Royal Staff - A black staff wrapped in gold with a light blue orb centered between four sharp, claw-like features.




  • Manipulation of electricity

Regular Attacks:Edit

  • Gut Kick - King CG Elergy kicks his opposition's stomach.
  • Low Staff Strike - King CG Elergy strikes the back of an opposition's knee(s) with his staff.
  • Headbutt - King CG Elergy headbutts his opposition.

Special Abilities:Edit

  • Shocking Surprise - King CG Elergy travels through the ground or floor and sneak attacks an opposition. King CG Elergy sometimes travels through the ceiling or clouds to sneak attack an opposition from above.
  • Electric Form - King CG Elergy's body turns into electricity.
    • Electric Tackle - King CG Elergy rams an opposition in his electrical form.
  • Charged Strike - King CG Elergy strikes his opposition with his charged staff.
  • Royal Shock - King CG Elergy points his staff at his opposition, releasing a electricity that stretches to the opposition and electrocutes the opposition.
  • Static Electrocution - King CG Elergy puts his cape on his opposition and shoots electricity out of his staff at the opposition, causing him or her to suffer from an intense electrocution.

Strongest Special Ability:Edit

  • ??? - With help from his servants or wife, King CG Elergy's strikes become stronger. Instead of yellow electrical strikes, his electrical strikes are cyan.


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