Gender Male
Age 22
Birthdate  ???
Planet of Origin Unknown
Lifeform Human (at least for now)
Bakugan Partner Wolfor
Protagonist or Antagonist Neutral

Description: Average human height; red eyes; dark, spiked black hair that hangs over his forehead a bit; wears an all-black attire with a black cloak covering most of his body

Personality: Kale is cold, calculating, and overall mysterious. He doesn't tend to get involved with fights that are none of his business, but when the stakes are high, he'll do anything to help the protagonists win the battle without blowing his cover. Kale's hiding something, though it may take some time to figure out what his agendas are.

Past History (event he/she suffered, accomplishments, etc.): Unknown

Gane OverEdit

Events: Edit


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