Sora Rokku, better known as Kai Rokku is a main character in The Mantra Squad. He is a sophmore and is 16 years old. He is the team technician. His Mantra Squad name is BluRay and represents the 5th seal, Kai.


His powered appearance is that of a cyborg boy. His main color is shades of blue covering his whole body except his face and hands which are covered with white leather glove. His right hand is an energy blaster.


He has a serious but friendly personality. He is very intelligent and even considered the strongest of the group. He is very methodic and skilled in technology and computers which has earned him the the position of technician.

Background Edit

He came from a family that was full of scientists and technological innovators. This obviously had an influence of his life. He grew up in a very big home that consisted of his family's technological advances. He was looked highly upon at school.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He possesses powers associated with plasma and energy blasts.

  • Plasma Blast -  A simple beam of blue plasma energy
  • Blue Slash - A combination of energy-filled kicks and punches.
  • Blue Ray - Thin, sharp blasts of blue energy fired rapidly
  • Upgrade - His energy and armor is built up with twice as much power greatly improving his strength and defense
  • Plasma Clone - A clone made of blue plasma that aids him in battle.
  • Fifth Mantra, Kai, Explode -  Kai's special and most powerful technique where he chants Kai and all the syllables after it (Kai, Chin, Retsu, Zai, Zen). His health is increased as well as his powers. He conjures a huge energy ball made of electricity and chi and fires it at the opponent.

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