K1LL3R is a Robot!
Nickname(s) "Assassination Bot"
Gender Male
Species Robot
Affiliation Villain
Style Offensive
Weapon(s) Titanium Claws
Hidden Particle Disruptor
Power(s) Nano-Machines


Sleek, black body, grey skull mask, and piercing red eyes. Generally starts a fight by cloaking, getting to high ground, and jumping above the opposition to drop many grenades. Amongst the confusion, he hardens his body, falls to the ground, and uncloaks. Any survivors of the grenades, he shreds apart with his claws.

Description of Armor:Edit

  • Helmet -
  • Chestplate -
  • Shoulderpad -
  • Armor covering arm -
  • Armored gloves -
  • Armored leggings -
  • Armored boots -

Description of Weapon:Edit

  • Titanium Claws
  • Lots of Grenades
  • Hidden particle disruptor beam


Formerly an Assassination Robot, now wanders the wasteland dismantling any wayward robots, due to an error in the command matrix causing it to repeat it's last command.


No emotion. Because it's a robot. It only feels Bloodlust, and feels "Joy" from destroying robots. Has a longing to dissect living beings.


  • Nano-Machines
    • Harden body
    • Turn invisible
    • Repair wounds


Special Abilities:Edit

Strongest Special Ability:Edit


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