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Jorge Terran
Age 14
Gender Male
Race Human (Hispanic)
Home Planet Earth
Hometown Bayview
Occupation Brawler
Family N/A
Relationships N/A
Main Attribute Subterra Subterra
Guardian Bakugan Flare Wilda
Quake Wilda
Status Alive

Jorge Teran (Jp: ジョージ テラン) is a protagonist in the Fight Series.





Flare WildaEdit

Flare Wilda
  • Abilities:
    • Earth Thrower: Wilda grabs the opponent and throws them into the air.
    • Earth Reflector: Wilda makes a shield out of the ground to protect himself from the opponent's attack.
    • Smash Revolution: Wilda unleashes a combo of punches on the opponent.
    • Dirt Thrower: Wilda unleashes a pile of dirt on the entire ground.
  • Appearances:


  • Jorge's last name, "Terran", comes from the Latin word for earth.

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