A day has passed...

Johnny) Tatil Wave! ( Mentro creates a tidal wave by swinging his tail )

Daniel) Ability Activate! Thunder Clash! ( Thunder Dragonoid charges into her opponent with a bright white aura )

( Thunder Dragonoid charges through the wave )

Johnny) Ability Activate! Coiling Defense! ( Mentro coils his body like a snake, hardening his skin )


( Thunder Dragonoid crashes into Mentro )

( Mentro's body doesn't move )

( Thunder Dragonoid stands near Mentro )

Johnny) Ability Activate! Aqua-Spike! ( Mentro blasts water from his 10 spikes, that attack the opponent )

Daniel) Ability Activate! Thunder Anger! ( Thunder Dragonoid creates a loud beam, that attacks the opponent )

( The blasting water stops and disappears as the beam makes impact )

( Mentro moves out of the way )!

( The loud noises bounce off the mountainous area )

( Mentro turns to his ball form )

10 minutes later...

Zach) Ability Activate! Shell Protection! ( Sinkoid hides in his shell, protecting himself from damage )

( Flare stops his charge )

Flare) I'm not dumb...

FSB) Ability Activate! Overheated Blast! ( Flare releases a beam that easily overheats and melts an object )

Zach) Ability Activate! Aquotic Beam! ( Sinkoid releases a beam that attacks the opponent )

( Sinkoid sticks his head out of a 60 degree position, firing a beam at a boulder )

( Sinkoid moves from the overheated beam, traveling up another rock )

( Sinkoid sticks his head out of a 300 degree position and launches off the rock )

( Sinkoid crashes into Flare )

( Flare turns to his ball form )

Zach) Good strategy equals a win

10 more minutes later...

Pyro) Good luck

Crimson) Good luck to you too

( Volcano Dragonoid and Blade Dragonoid come out of their ball forms, while the field appears watery )

Pyro) You go first

Crimson) Okay, then...Ability Activate! Deep Cut! ( Blade Dragonoid slams his arm blade into his opponent, leaving a mark )

( Blade Dragonoid swings his blade )

( Volcano Dragonoid dodges and kicks Blade Dragonoid into a cliff )

Pyro) Ability Activate! Volcanic Charge! ( Volcano Dragonoid charges into the opponent with a heated aura )

( Volcanic Dragonoid charges into Blade Dragonoid )

Crimson) Ability Activate! Twist Cuts! ( Blade Dragonoid spins and slashes the opponent with his arm blade )

( Blade Dragonoid slashes Volcano Dragonoid )

( Volcano Dragonoid falls )

Crimson) Ability Activate! X-down! ( Blade Dragonoid charges into the opponent with his blades crossed )

( Volcano Dragonoid regains his position )

Pyro) Ability Activate! Volcanic Blast! ( Volcano Dragonoid fires a magma blast at his opponent, from his chest )

( Volcano Dragonoid releases a blast that collides with Blade Dragonoid )

Pyro vs. Crimson Ending, Kyuubi vs. Jolts! Episode 9

Grade of Johnny vs. Daniel, Taylean vs. DG, Pyro vs. Crimson! Episode 8?

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Who should win?

The poll was created at 02:48 on February 25, 2012, and so far 1 people voted.

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