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Cyborg Jin
Gender Male
Status Alive
Enemies Ace Phantom
Allies Reapers of War
Close Relationships Cinder
Family Unknown


A former Neathian Commander, Jin is a very cunning and very strong fighter. He was presumed KIA during the Neathian-Gundalian war, but it turned out he has survived. He is the leader of the Reapers of War and the leader of the Neathian Rebels. He used the Rebels as a mask while the Reapers worked in the background.

His fighting skills are impressive, even before being enhanced by his cyborg body. A mechanical mask covers his left eye, which allows him to calculate his opponent's moves with ease as well as unleashing a powerful Supernova blast.


Jin is cold and cunning, and uses others for his own use. He is ambitious, and always trying to make new technology and fighting styles in his goal to rule and conquer. He is sometimes arrogant but can admit when others make a good move.




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