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Jessica Lusten
Gender Female
Age 15
Birthdate September 14, 1996
Planet of Origin Earth
Lifeform Human
Bakugan Partner {{{Partner}}}
Protagonist or Antagonist Protagonist

Description: Is 5ft 2" and weights 95 pounds. Jessica has shoulder length, blond hair. Jessica also normally wears black, gray, tan, brown, or a dark red pair of pants. She wears sneakers or flip flops, at different times. She also wears a jacket over her T-shirts, in the winter. Her summer wear normally has shorts, a short sleeve shirt, and flip flops.

Personality: Kind, does her work, is very smart. However, he's not afraid to open her mouth, when needed.

Past History (event he/she suffered, accomplishments, etc.): Broke her arm, while in gymnastics. Was once W's girlfriend, until he went missing for a few weeks. W and Jessica are now just friends.

Gane OverEdit

Events: Edit


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