Jerreh In BakuLandia is a skit/comic strip developed by Zie, that MAY appear here, it has some photos of Zie's house (NO NOT THE WHOLE HOUSE ONLY JUST THE WALL AND FLOOR CAN BE SEEN STALKERS) Mostly the only things appearing is.. walls, floors, my bakugans, jerry, and... some random objects that I find in my garage.


Its going to be an ongoing comic strip with many things and stuff and yeah, Jerry enters BakuLandia, a random world with tiny Bakumons and stoof, so yeah thats pretty much it.


  • Jerry: The main character of the comic strip, and stuff, he is a pillow pet dinosaur who made friends with the tiny bakugan, he is way bigger than them too.
  • Avior/Avs: A ventus avior
  • Orbeum/Orbeez: A pyrus Orbeum


Should i use a random blanket for every scene

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