( Gemention Volf moves out of the way, while the three attribute balls crash into a rocky pillar )

( The pillar falls )

Bendo) Ability Activate! Dishearted Nation! ( Aquos Phockery and Darkus Phockery throw Pyrus Phockery towards the opponent )

Darkus Phockery) >=D YES! *Grabs Pyrus Phockery*

Aquos Phockery) ...*Grabs Pyrus Phockery*

Pyrus Phockery) *Getting lifted* UM GUYS! WHAT ARE YOU DO-NO, OH NO! *Gets thrown*

Gemention Volf) Boring...

( Pyrus Phockery's feet push the pillar upwards, while he flips and lands on Volf's back; sitting )

Pyrus Phockery) GIDDY UP HOUSEY!

Gemention Volf) YEAH! GIDDY UP! *Bounces*

Pyrus Phockery) YEEH-


( The pillar hits Pyrus Phockery )

( Pyrus Phockery falls off Volf and turns to his ball form )

( The rest of the pillar crashes onto Gemention Volf's body and breaks into pieces )

Gemention Volf) *With sarcasm* How hurtful! -_-

Bendo) O_O

[ Meanwhile, inside the house ]

( Jenna stands in her crib with her hands on the railing )

Samantha) That does sound good...

Wolfgang) I know...

Samantha) But you know we can't...

Wolfgang) I know...Maybe we could get Jenna a babysitter...

Samantha) No, not yet...

Wolfgang) I know

Samantha) I mean, I wish we could, but we'd have to wait until Jenna is at least a year older...

Wolfgang) We could have Volf open a portal...

Samantha) Wolfgang...You're not going to give up, are you?

Wolfgang) Nope...

Samantha) And...What about Volf...

Wolfgang) O_O

Samantha) What...Did you forget that you left Volf brawling...

Wolfgang) YEP!

Samantha) Then go!

Wolfgang) I AM! *Runs to the door*

Jenna) GA!

( Wolfgang grabs the doorknob )

Samantha) Huh Jenna...*Turns around*

Jenna) MA MA!

Samantha) O_O

( Wolfgang lets go of the doorknob )

Samantha) Ma...

Jenna) Ma...*Reaches for Samantha* Mama!

Samantha) *Grabs and lifts Jenna up* Good girl...

( Wolfgang walks over to Samantha )

Wolfgang) Good thing I didn't leave <.<

Samantha) I guess...*Turns around*

Wolfgang) So...Jenna, who am I?

Jenna) ...

Samantha) You know she can't see you...

Wolfgang) Yeah...

Samantha) Da...

Jenna) Mama!

Wolfgang) =l Okay, I'll go and come back later...

Rising Conflict! Episode 39

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