Episodes TBA
Creator Zie
Preceded By N/A
Followed By N/A
Release Date Summer 2014
Opening Theme "Dream On" - Aerosmith
Closing Theme "Finale" - Madeon
First Episode Solitude
Final Episode TBA

Jednota is a fanon being written by Zie, taking place in Jednota High School many years into the future. The main plot focuses on a group of teenagers having not quite the year they expected.


Main CharactersEdit

Character Description

Rennington Voorstella

Welp, this seems like fun.

The protagonist of the series, Rennington is Dutch and is known as "The Encyclopedia" and it is said he has Eidetic memory.

Robin Robinson

I am the walrus.

Robin is a Swiss, he is pretty mysterious according to the others. He tends to act strange around the school which is why he is known as "The Act". Little does the group know he has Dissociative identity disorder.

Blake Black

I don't see why not.

Blake is British, he and Zadien are pretty close friends. Blake seems to be popular around the school, he tends to be called "The Smooth".

Sabrina Black


Sabrina is British and is also Blakes brother. She is kind of scared of Adrianna for some reason. Sabrina is really optimistic and she is also popular like her brother. The group refers to her as "The Optimistic"

Zadien Merricko

Nothing gonna push Zadien around.

Zadien is Spanish, Indian, and French, he loves to play sports and is very athletic, though he isn't that smart. He is close friends with Blake and is called "The Brawn"

Adrianna Vennom

I can sing if I want to.

Adrianna is African American and Indian, she loves rap and trouble and Sabrina seems to be scared of her. Adrianna also has an imaginary friend named Sluwone, according to Adrianna, Sluwone is basically a more talkative and prankster version of herself. Adrianna is known as "The Toxic" according to the gang.

Recurring CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit

Robins "Personalities"Edit

Throughout the story, Robin hides his "multiple personalities" in which he calls alters. They currently consist of:

  • Brittney Brittney: A Russian "feminist" who is quite athletic and judges others a lot.
  • The Fonz: Apparently created by watching to much of the sitcom Happy Days, The Fonz, or "Fonzie" pretty much acts a lot like Fonzie.
  • Mr. Dickinson: An old man who survived numerous wars. He hates kids, teens or anyone who tries to steal his Twinkies.


The pilot episode is known as Solitude.

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