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10 minutes later...

Mike) Good luck, Jane!

Jane) You too, Mike! =D

( Sarieror and Scalean come out of their ball forms )

Mike) Ability Activate! Sword-a-rang! ( Sarieror throws his sword towards his opponent; the sword acts like a boomerang )

Jane) Ability Activate! Skelical Barrier! ( Bones come from the ground in a growing barrier )

( Sarieror's sword goes through the bones and continues towards Scalean )

Jane) Ability Activate! Bone Shot! ( Bones shoot against the enemy )

( Bones crash into Sarieror's sword and Sarieror )

Mike) Ability Activate! Burning Forceback! ( Sarieror creates a barrier of heat that pushes an opponent back )

( Sarieror creates a shield, pushing the flying bones back )

( Sarieror's sword crashes into the bone barrier and gets stuck )

( Bones continue start to crash against Sarieror's barrier )

Jane) Ability Activate! Laggy Hold! ( Skeletons grab the opponent from below )

( Arms grab Sarieror's legs, pulling him down underground )

( A skull breaks through Sarieror's barrier, smashing into his head )

( Sarieror falls down and lays on the ground, with arms grabbing his arms )

Jane) Ultimate Ability Activate! Skeleton Suicide! ( Scalean's skeleton body leaves Scalean's body and charges into the opponent with an explosion )

Mike) Ability Activate! Burn-dome! ( Sarieror creates a dome of fire from heat in his arms )

( The dome quickly covers Sarieror, burning the skeleton arms )


( The skeleton body crashes into the dome and blows up )

( Scalean turns to her ball form, while the dome wears off and Sarieror gets up )

10 minutes later...

Christian) Ability Activate! Shock Speed! ( Werewerra charges into his opponent, sending shocks through the opponent's body )

( Werewerra charges towards Embery )

Persona) Ability Activate! Splatting Embers! ( Embery releases flames that double every few seconds )

( Werewerra jumps over the splitting embers )

Christian) Ability Activate! Ground Speed! ( Werewerra runs around the ground, bringing sand up into the air to blind his opponents )

Persona) Ability Activate! Embering Rainbow! ( Embery charges into her opponent with a sparkling aura )

( Embery and Werewerra charge towards each other )

Christian) Ability Activate! Ground Crusader! ( Werewerra runs around the ground, slamming each step, causing the ground to flow down )

( Werewerra charges, going deeper underground each step and stops, while Embery flies into the deeper area )

( Werewerra jumps into the air avoiding Embery )

( Embery crashes into the ground wall )

Christian) Ultimate Ability Activate! Ground-Saw! ( Werewerra spins in a saw like motion and attacking the opponent )

( Werewerra crashes into Embery )

( Embery turns to her ball form )

10 more minutes later...

Kyle) Ability Activate! Thorny-poon! ( Lizarrean spins in circles creating a typhoon that pulls an opponent in or out depending on it's direction )

( Thunder Dragonoid gets sucked in )

Kyle) Ability Activate! Thorny Slash! ( Lizerrean charges into his opponent with his thorny body )

Daniel) Ability Activate! Thunderous Lightning! ( Thunder Dragonoid creates a lightning bolt that targets the opponent )

( The lightning bolts crashes into Lizerrean )

( Lizerrean falls backwards with static jumping over his spikes )

Daniel) Ability Activate! Thunder Breakdown! ( Thunder Dragonoid creates a beam )

Kyle) Ability Activate! Spiked Shot! ( Lizerrean makes a tail shot, that returns attacks back or stops an attack )

( The beam gets wacked, breaking apart with a stronger piece heading back to Thunder Dragonoid )

Daniel) Ability Activate! Dragon's Light! ( Thunder Dragonoid charges into the opponent with a bright aura )


( Thunder Dragonoid returns to her ball form after crashing into the broken beam )

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