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Wolves are howling at night, the full moon is out, the sky is a dark blue, covered in all stars. A wolf is running in the night, on a grasses field. A portal opens in the sky, taking one wolf with it.

Nuzamaki90) Look, an ugly beast

Wolf) UGLY!

Nuzamaki90) Yeah, ugly.... Wait! Did you just talk!

Wolf) Yeah... *Takes costume off*

Nuzamaki90) You got green eyes and light blue skin... Alien!

Wolf) Not an alien, Neathian, I believe so. *Puts wolf costume back on*

Nuzamaki90) Follow me, taking you to my base.

10 minutes later

Masked Man) Oh great, another ugly beast!

Wolf) -_- *In head* Seriously!

Nuzamaki90) He's a...

Masked Man) Nuzamaki90, shut up

Nuzamaki90) No

Masked Man) Yes

Nuzamaki90) No

Masked Man) Yes

( Wolf goes to take a " fake" bathroom break, on the Masked Man's feet )

Masked Man) Don't you dare

Wolf) Don't dare me

Masked Man) O_o Did the ugly beast, just talk!

Wolf) Yes, yes he did.

( Masked Man takes Wolf's mask off )

Masked Man) O_O OMG! Ahh! Alien

( Nuzamaki90 cracks up )

Wolf) I'm not an ALIEN! I'm from Neathia -_-

Bendo) Silence! Crud, an ugly beast

Masked Man and Nuzamaki90) We know, then he shows his face, you say "Alien!". Then he says he is Neathian, and then another person does the same thing, and on and on again.

Bendo) Okay, I know it's right, you two never agree.

Wolf) Yep, they're right *Shows face*

Bendo) 0_0 *In head* OMG! WHAT THE <EFF>! I'm leaving...

Redakaibakulover and DarkusMaster) Look it's an ugly beast!

Nuzamaki90, Masked Man, and Wolf) I'm leaving....

Introduction! Episode 2 Part 2/2