Inferniken is one of Winx's Bakugan, similar to a Blitz Dragonoid.

Information Edit

With his six wings, Inferniken can fly fast and at high attitudes. His armor on his chest is made out of tough metal and withstand almost any attack.

Personality Edit

Inferniken is a jokester. He often takes everything with a grain of salt and doesn't care what people thinks of him. But he can be serious when the time is needed.

Relationships Edit

Suraizero Edit

Inferniken likes Suraizero as a friend. They often pull the best pranks on people and have fun with each other.

Blackout Edit

Inferniken doesn't really like Blackout and vice versa. Inferniken thinks Blackout is too serious all the time and stuck up.

Ability Cards Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Inferniken name is a mixture of Inferno and the Japanese word for hurricane (Hariken).

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