Infermus is the an Infernal!
Nickname(s) The Lone Infernal
Gender Male
Race Infernal
Affiliation Hero
Style Offensive
Weapon(s) Packets of Black Powder
Empty Oxygen Tank
Power(s) Magma Manipulation


Description of Armor:Edit

Space-suit like inflammable armor, gloves have holes for the tips of his fingers. On his back are inflammable oxygen tanks (fires need oxygen). He carries small sacks of black powder in pockets.

Description of Weapon:Edit

  • Bags of black powder
  • Oxygen tank (when empty)


So many tunnels, he became all alone. Lost, he would never see his family and friends again. What could he do now? He couldn’t find his family or friends; his childhood home had a population of one. Lonely, he made his own friends, his minions. In addition, he became disconnected from being around other beings, making him who he is currently. A lonely, insecure Infernal, who doesn't want or need help from anyone else.


Hot-head (figuratively and literally), reckless, selfish, and some-what of an “Anti-hero.”

Allies and Relationships:Edit


  • Magma Manipulation
    • Creates minions to assist in battle
    • Magma attacks
  • Thermal Resistance


  • Gut Punch - Infermus brutally punches his opponent's gut.
  • Back Elbow - Infermus elbows an opponent with the side of his elbow.
  • Zero Oxygen - Infermus slams the bottom of his oxygen tank into his opponent.
  • Blinding Powder - Infermus tosses a pouch of black powder into his opponent's face.

Special Abilities:Edit

  • Lava Breath - Infermus releases lava from his mouth.
  • Magma Bullets - Infermus fires small spheres of magma at his opponents.
  • Molten Dome - Infermus encases himself in a dome of molten rock.
  • Molten Edge - Infermus punches the ground, causing molten features to rise out of the ground.
  • Lava Plume - Infermus punches the ground multiple times, causing molten features to rise and lava to splash out of the ground.
  • Moltearthquake - Infermus repeatedly smashes the ground with his hands clenched together, creating an earthquake with molten features rising from the ground all around him.

Strongest Special Ability:Edit

  • Volcanic Eruption - Infermus' eyes glow orange, causing cracks in the ground to be outlined in orange and shake before lava erupts from the ground.

Team Attacks:Edit


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