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A cloaked figure with unknown origins. (more to be added)




ElectronLeonialHaos Electron Leonial:A large, armored lion-like Bakugan with two tails shaped like bolts. Leonial has a V-Shaped crest that produces lightning and has unusually long claws along with blades across the body full of lightning.

Aquos Cyclonium: A dragon-like humanoid covered with armor. Cyclonium could combine with Electron Leonial to form Stormtropus.

Aquos/Haos Stormtropus: A Baku Fusion of Cyclonium and Electron Leonial.


Electron LeonialEdit

Mane-Trike- ElectronLeonial blasts the opponent with multiple bolts of lightning.

Flash Barracade- ElectronLeonial temporarily blinds the opponent and forms a barricade then attacks.

Electra Jolt- Electron Leonial rushes towards the opponent slashing at them and then leaps towards the sky, towads the target.

Metallic Rush- Electron Leonial dashes through the opponents multiple time, sometimes able to defeat them.

Star Lightning- Leaping into the sky, ElectronLeonial hurls towards the opponent, commonly transferring some of their G-Power, or power.

Ironic Roar Headbutt- With the crest on his forehead, Electron Leonial rams, sometimes headbutts the opponent with the iron crest that causes bolts of lightning to rapidedly hit the target once triggered with a roar.

Electra Pulse- Confusing the target, Electron Leonial Unleashes bolts of lightning from His blades.


Turrentionius- A large torrent of water is lunged towards the opponent,trapped in it for at least three turns.

Gushing Tide- Cyclonium would form a tidal wave, if the opponent is Pyrus, deals even greater damage.

Cosmi-Volt- Cyclonium bolts towards the enemy with incredible speed, commonly greater damage when used with Electra Jolt.

Precipitational Rift- With rifts open, Cyclonium attacks in multiple directions.


Stormy Downfall- Stormtropus causes a phenonomonal storm that always damage an opponent.

Aura Flash- A large flash of light is summonned to temporarily blind the opponents.

Rift Shaft Flash- Stormtropus sends waves of water and lightning through rifts.

Story 5Edit




  • Haos Voltronic Leonial-''''' '''''He is heavily armored, with blades coming out along the armor covering the back that produces high voltage. He now has multiple tails shaped like bolts of lightning. Small spikes are seen on his crest.


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