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Created By Renardy and C22helios
Number of Episodes TBA
Release Date Somewhere in November
Status And that's how Equestria was made
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Insane Non-Noobish Swag Totally Awesome Narnia Addicting Gangnam Radiant Awkward Marshmallow (INNSTANAGRAM) (or Anagram) is a Fanon written by Renardy and C22helios.


A monster by the name of Therian invades downtown Awesome City, Aliens invade, and Ponies Bears Highjack Air Force One!


  • Jerry
  • Extremis Helios
  • Draypent
  • Han Saurus
  • Chuck Norsaurus
  • Trollista
  • Drags
  • Leoness
  • Falco
  • Mexican Drago
  • Unamed Aquos Bakugan
  • Unamed Subterra Bakugan
  • Therian
  • Bears
  • Alien

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