C22Helios) AHH!

( Black sparks fly from C22Helios' body )

Dralios) AHH!!!!

( Dralios charges into Syrolf )

( Syrolf crashes into a wall )

( Dralios' hands glow black )

Syrolf) O_O He's way stronger then I thought!

( Syrolf uses the wall as a lauch pad and launches towards Dralios )

( Dralios grabs Syrolf, in mid-air and holds her still )

Dralios) *Shaking head* Bye...


( Syrolf crashes into the wall, leaving a dent )

( Syrolf turns to APW and falls to the ground )

( Dralios grabs her and puts her down gently )

Evil You) Wow...

[ Meanwhile, 20 minutes later, Wolf and Jean have gone into Wolf's house ]

Jean) Well...We know you need a shower...

Wolf) Why thought?

Jean) I didn't tell you...Kyle betrayed you...He dumped a full can of trash on you...

Wolf) WHAT!

Jean) Yeah...

Wolf) I'm going to hit him, for sure...

Jean) Anyways...I want to know a few things...

Wolf) Okay, ask them...

Jean) How angry are you?

Wolf) Really angry...

Jean) Is the hatred building?

Wolf) Yep!

Jean) *Jean gets closer to Wolf* How much do you want to kill somebody?

Wolf) Umm...A lot...I want to kill Red and Kyle, sososososososo much!

Jean) Well then, now that I know...

( Jean presses her body against Wolf's and moves her head closer to Wolf's )

Kyuuga) WHAT THE H*LL!

( Wolf and Jean turn to a hallway )


( Kyuuga leaves the hallway and looks on the battlefield )

Kyuuga) O_O WHAT THE...

Wolf) *Whispering* Want to see what I can do?

Jean) *Whispering* Sure...

Wolf) *Whispering* Go sit over there...

Jean) *Whispering* Okay...

( Wolf presses the training button )

Wolf) >=D

( Wolf transforms into Cryowolf )

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