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The time has gone by, it's now Monday and Wolf is heading to school...

Wolf) Red couldn't just wait for me...He had to drive!

Kyle) I know, right! I mean...I got my job as a pizza man, but I CAN'T EVEN DRIVE MY CAR!

Wolf) Which isn't fair...

Kyle) I know...

Wolf) Anyways...How much do you make?

Kyle) Not much...

Wolf) But how much?

Kyle) $7 every two hours...

Wolf) Yeah...You should be paid more...

[ Meanwhile, by Red ]

( Jean listens to Red's conversation )

Red) Yeah, he's a jerk...

Mark) I can understand

John) Do you want us to do anything?

Red) Nah, just leave him be...

Mark) Sure?

Red) Yeah...


( Kate walks to Red )

Kate) So...Jean's sick today?

Red) Yeah, good thing...Right?

Kate) Yeah...

Red) So...

Kate) Don't forget about our date tonight...

Red) I'll remember...

Kate) Good...I got to go...I missed a test the other day...

Red) Okay, bye!

( Kate kisses Red's cheek and the leaves )

10 minutes later...

Wolf) Haha, yeah...

Kyle) Fist bump!

( Wolf and Kyle do a fist bump )

Mark) Hey!

Wolf) Hi?

John) Red said your a jerk...

Wolf) HE DID!

Mark) Yeah...Just...

( John and Mark pick Wolf up )

( Kyle watches, while Jean listens )

Red) STOP! *Running to Wolf*

( John and Mark put Wolf down )

Red) DON'T BULLY MY-*Punches Wolf's face*

( Wolf falls to the ground )

( Red high fives John and Mike )

Red) Kyle, you know what to do...

Kyle) I know...

( Kyle picks a trashcan up )

Red) Now...DO IT!

( Kyle dumps trash all over Wolf )

Kyle) *Smiling* There we go...

( Kyle puts the trashcan down )

Red) NICE!

( Kyle and Red high five )

5 minutes later...

Jean) Wolf...Wake up...

( Jean shakes Wolf's head )

Wolf) Wh-*Gets spooked* what?

Jean) Are you okay?

Wolf) What happened?

Jean) I'll explain, want to take a walk?

Wolf) Aren't you Red's girlfriend?

Jean) Yeah, but I found out he's cheating on me...

Wolf) With?

Jean) Kate...

Wolf) So Kate's cheating on me =O

Jean) Yep...

( Jean helps Wolf up )

Jean) Okay...Where to?

Wolf) Umm...Hmm...

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