Red) I want you to go inside, while I park the car...Get the tickets to whatever movie you want to see and wait for me...Maybe get some popcorn and soda too...

Jean) Okay...

( Red hands Jean $75 )

Red) I think that should cover it

Jean) $75...That's more then enough

Red) The rest is for you

Jean) Thank you

Red) You're welcome

( Jean opens the car door and leaves )

[ Meanwhile, in the movie theater ]

Wolf) Okay...You stay here...

Kate) And you better now keep me waiting

Wolf) I'm not going to...

Kate) Good!

You) SHUT...UP-A!

Wolf) ...

Kate) GO!

Wolf) O_O

( Wolf leaves )

You) HAHA!

( Kate glares at you )

You) o.o mommy...

5 minutes later...

Wolf) Yep, that's it...

Popcorn Person) That'll be $20.89, sir...

Wolf) *Searching pocket* Odd number...Huh?

Popcorn Person) Yeah...I'm not trying to rip you off, sir...

Wolf) I'll keep my eye on you...*Pulls $21 out*

Popcorn Person) Okay...*In head* Weirdo...

Wolf) *Hands over the $21* And here you go, keep the change...

Popcorn Person) Thanks, sir...

Wolf) I got my eye on you...

( Wolf walks away with a bag of popcorn and two sodas )

( Wolf walks into someone )

( Wolf drops his stuff )

Wolf) I'm so sorry...

Jean) It's fine

Wolf) *Looking at the Popcorn Person* Clean up on aisle ???

Popcorn Person) Weirdo...

Wolf) Clean up on aisle weirdo!

( Jean laughs )

You) ERR! *Grabs a mop* You know she... ( Interruption )

Red) WOLF!

Wolf) ...*Takes off*

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