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( Crimson takes his black jacket off )

Crimson) Val...Don't run...

( Crimson turns into a Clear Krakix )


( Krakixson runs down the hallway )

[ Meanwhile, in up above ]

???) *In head* Note time...

[ By Valentin ]

Valentin 98) Ugh...
Amalgam Leonidas

( A tail sprouts from Valentin's back, wings extend, Valentin's head changes into a dragonoid's head )

( A black flash happens )

???) RAWRRRR!!!!

Krakixson) *Laying on the ground* What just happened...

( A purple ball head towards Krakixson )

Krakixson) O_O *Rolls over*

( The purple ball bounces off the wall and hits Krakixson's head )

Krakixson) *Holding head* Ow...

( A dragonoid flies into Krakixson )

( Krakixson grabs onto the dragonoid's wings )

( The dragonoid flies up )

Dragtin) GET OFF ME!

( Dragtin slams Krakixson's body against a wall )

( Krakixson holds on )

Krakixson) No...

( Krakixson starts to heat his body up )

Krakixson) Okay...I had enough...*Pushes on Dragtin*

( Dragtin stops flying and instead falls to the ground with Krakixson on him )


( Krakixson lays on top of Dragtin )

Krakixson) *Gets up* Training *Turns back to Crimson* completed...

Dragtin) X.X *Turns back to Valentin 98* My back...

( Crimson helps Valentin up )

( The mysterious person leaves through Wolf's window )

( The blue field disappears as the house reappears normal )

( Crimson and Valentin glow green )

Healing Complete...

( Crimson and Valentin stop glowing green )

Humagons: Episode 5

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