( Your villainous side crashes onto the mattress )

Kyuuga) NOW! WHERE ARE THEY! *Stands over Marcus*

Marcus) Like I'd tell!

Kyuuga) Trust me! YOU WILL!

Marcus) Trust means nothing, people backstab other every day...

Kyuuga) False is your statement, not every single person backstabs and it doesn't happen every day!

Marcus) No, you tell your boss he's great, you lie...You are a backstabber!

Kyuuga) First off, I don't have any job like that...Secondly, that's not backstabbing...

Marcus) Trust me, backstabbing is around you...*Looks at Jean* Right Jean?

Jean) *In shock with a huge glare* LEAVE ME BE!

Kyuuga) *In head* Now I'm going to have a wide glare on her actions....

Marcus) *Looks back at Kyuuga* She can deny it, but she's an every day backstabber!

Kyuuga) You're making me sick, you know that...Right?

Marcus) Yeah...

Villainous You) >=D *Creeps to Kyuuga, but sees Marcus' glare*

Kyuuga) So very sick...

Marcus) GOOD!

( Kyuuga's hand turns to Karuma's with a blade )

Marcus) KILL ME!

Kyuuga) ...

Marcus) BUT IT DOESN'T LOOK LIKE YOU WILL! *Gets pulled by your villainous side*

Kyuuga) ...


( You fall on top of Kyuuga )

You) X_X That hurt!

Kyuuga) You can say that again!

Jean) ...*Stares at Marcus and gets ready to get up*

Wolf) *Grabs Jean* No, let him go...

Jean) BUT!

Wolf) Let him go...

Humagons: Episode 39

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