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( Marcus goes for another punch )

( Wolf counters with his knee )

( Marcus shakes his hand, while Wolf falls on his injured knee )

Wolf) *Stares at Marcus* You hit like a girl...

Marcus) ...*Charges towards Wolf, approaching a kick*

( Wolf grabs Marcus' kick and and stretches his leg over his shoulder )

Wolf) DUH! DUH! DUH! *Wrenches at Marcus' leg*

( Marcus falls to the ground )


Wolf) *Wrenches again* NO!

Marcus) *Lays on ground* PLEASE! I'LL LEAVE!

Wolf) Nah *Wrenches again*

Marcus) YOU FREAKING <BEEP>! *Kicks Wolf's arm*

Wolf) What? *Wrenches leg again*

Marcus) AHHH!

Jean) *Hiding* o_O He's screaming...

Wolf) Geez...You aren't th-*Gets kicked in the face and lays unconscious*

( Wolf lets go of Marcus' leg )

Marcus) YES! *Turns Wolf around, puts his one arm around Wolf's neck and starts choking him*

( Jean looks to her side, seeing Wolf's face quickly change color )

Jean) W...WOLF! *Stops hiding and runs to Wolf*

Marcus) Haha, spare knife! *Pulls a spare knife from his pocket*

Jean) WOLF!

Marcus) *Looks at Jean* Hea...*Brings knife back*

( Wolf's face turns purple )

Marcus) Say goodbye, Jean *Keeps knife in place of Wolf's heart*

Jean) *Tears fall as she continues to run* DON'T!

( Marcus falls off of Wolf, letting go of him )

You) ...

Evil You) What the?

Villainous You) WHO DID THAT!

You) Evil You, thumb war?

Humagons: Episode 37

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