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Jean) *Looks from the side of a corner* Wolf, please hurt-kill him...

( Wolf and Marcus runs towards each other )

( Marcus tries to sweep Wolf from beneath his legs )

( Wolf jumps and dropkicks the back of Marcus' skull )

( Marcus falls, holding the back of his head )

Marcus) *In head* Geez, he's fast...

( Wolf picks Marcus up and puts his arm around his head )

( Marcus counters, throwing Wolf onto the floor )

Marcus) TRYING TO PLANT MY FACE, EH! *Stomps on Wolf's arm*

( Wolf starts tapping his foot on the ground )

( Marcus holds Wolf's arm down and slams his knee against his arm, after letting go )

Wolf) *Rolls over in pain* D*MN IT! *Veins pop from face*

Marcus) Now stay, doggie! *Walks towards his knife*

Jean) ...*Runs towards the knife*

Marcus) *Looks to his side* JEAN! *Runs towards the knife*

Wolf) ...*Gets up, holding his one arm*

( Jean and Marcus both grab the knife )

Marcus) So...Who has the point...

Jean) *Looks down* ...

Marcus) >=D *Gets ready to push the knife*

( Wolf roundhouse kicks the back of Marcus' skull )

( Marcus falls backwards, letting the knife go, while Wolf slams Marcus into the ground, back first )

Wolf) *Waves Jean on and lips to her* Go...

Jean) I know...*Runs*

Marcus) WHY YOU! *Gets back up*

Wolf) Round 3?

( Marcus punches Wolf )

( Wolf's head moves back )

Wolf) Yep...Round 3 it is...*Head pops forward*

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