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Pyrus) Yes, Marcus...She's here...

Marcus) Is she aware of you calling?

Pyrus) Not 100%

Marcus) But she's aware...

Pyrus) With nowhere to hide...

Marcus) Good

Pyrus) And you want to know some funny things...

Marcus) What?

Pyrus) She got a weak "body guard" and she is stilling calling you her brother...

Marcus) Really, she has to-No...She doesn't have to learn, see you in 15 minutes *Hangs up*

Pyrus) The time is coming...

Marcus) Hey boys, we have a new destination...

Driver) Where to?

Marcus) That old home I created...The one where Pyrus lives.

Driver) Okay

Kyuuga) Where are they...

Wolf) ?

Kyuuga) Where are Crimson, Red, and Kate...

Wolf) How do I know?

Kyuuga) Val and PG, know you did it...They know you did it

Wolf) Kyuuga, I never did

Kyuuga) No, you did...You're that sly, smart, backstabber and you're not going to hurt me! *Changes to Karuma*

Wolf) Kyuuga...


Wolf) I can't fight you...

Karuma) WELL! YOU'RE GOING TO! *Charges mouth with fire*

Wolf) No...

( Karuma releases a fireball from his mouth and charges )

Wolf) *Hand turns to Cyrowolf's paw, while black winds burst* Kyuuga...I seriously can't...I need help!

PG) You hear that, right?

Val) Yeah

PG) We should check what's going on before we lose another teammate...

Val) Yeah, no more risk

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