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Pyrus) Tick, tock, tick, tock...The time is counting down...

C22Helios) Until, Wolf realizes he's on the wrong side?

Pyrus) Yep...

AcePyrusWolf) What about her?

Pyrus) Her...Jean?

AcePyrusWolf) Yeah...

Pyrus) She'll be the one...I know she'll bring Wolf here...

C22Helios) And what should I do?

Pyrus) You can just practice...Train as much as you can, release the darkness, and then...I'll give you a new order...

C22Helios) Okay!

( C22Helios leaves, while AcePyrusWolf follows )

Pyrus) Tick, tock, tick, tock...

[ Meanwhile, by Kyleronco ]

Kyleronco) Maybe I can get pizzas for free...Yeah...Maybe...I WANT THAT JOB!

[ Meanwhile, by Red ]

Red) There you are...How are you?

Jean) I'm fine...

Red) So...Whre...Where do you want to go?

Jean) Anywhere...Anywhere is fine...

Red) Hmm...How about to the movies?

Jean) That doesn't seem bad...Sure!

Red) Then *Red opens the car door* how about we go...

[ Meanwhile, by Crimson ]

Crimson) Oh Val...

Valentin 98) What?

Crimson) Will you be my belated valentine?

Valentin 98) *Face gets red* O_O

Crimson) Relax...I was just kidding...

Valentin 98) ...

Crimson) By the way, it's training time!

( Crimson pushes a button that makes the inside of the house glow blue )

Valentin 98) Oh great...

( Valentin 98 takes off )

[ Meanwhile, by Wolf ]

( Wolf lands behind a tree, turning back to his normal form )

Wolf) Good...My shirt is still intact...

( Wolf walks out of the tree filled park and towards the movie theater )

???) You're finally here, you know you shouldn't make a girl wait...

Wolf) I know...My fault...I'm sorry, Kate...

Kate) You better be...

( Wolf crosses the street with Kate, after the cars are gone )

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