???) Soon the time will come...

[ Meanwhile, around the hospital ]

( Kate leaves the hospital door and walks out into the night-filled area with Red )

Kate) I hope Kyle is okay...*Walks down the sidewalk*

Red) Me too...*Walks with Kate*

Kate) So...How is your jaw...

Red) In pain

Kate) Do you want some Tylenol, then?

???) And then they will be caught...

Red) No thanks...I don't need it...

Kate) Sure, the doctors said you should...

Red) Nah...

???) Then we'll have enough...

( Two people come from behind Red and slam him to the ground )

Kate) *Turns around* AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

( The two people stomp on Red, continuously )

Crimson) What the...*Looks out the window* O_O *Hops out of seat and starts running*

Kate) STOP!

??? 2) NO!

( The other person grabs Kate )

Kate) LET ME GO!

??? 3) Never!

( A door to the black car opens )

??? 3) NOW IN YOU GO! *Throws Kate into the car*

??? 2) I need some help with this one...*Grabs Red's one arm*

( The other mysterious person grabs Red's other arm )

Crimson) COME MOVE!

Security) What are you doing!

Crimson) PLEASE!

Security) Answer?

Crimson) UGH! *Pushes the security guard and runs down the steps*

Security) HEY! WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING! *Gets up and chases Crimson*

Crimson) JUST FOLLOW! *Runs to a door*

( The door opens and Crimson runs out, while the security guard chases )

??? 2) God, he's heavy...

??? 3) Not really...

??? 2) Then do it yourself! *Lets go of Red's arm*

??? 3) Thanls, but he was next to the car anyways...*Throws Red into the car*

Crimson) ...*Stomps on the ground, once*

??? 3) Oh great!

??? 2) GO! *Gets into the car*

Crimson) *Runs towards ??? 3*

Security) *Pulls tazer out* Hehe...

??? 3) COME GET ME!

Security) *Holds tazer towards Crimson* Idiot...*Fires*

( Crimson falls to the ground )

Security) Now what...

??? 3) GET IN!

( The sercurity guard runs towards Crimson, picks him up, and throws him into the car, and hops in the car )

??? 3) *Closes door, gets in front, and closes door again* GO!

???) Because Marcus says so...

( Outside the moving car )

You) *Drops soda* O_O

Humagons: Episode 28

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