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Jean) You sure?

Pyrus) Yeah

Jean) You seem jealous...

Pyrus) -_- I'm not

Jean) I mean...I only kissed you once, it was for acceptance...

Pyrus) Yeah...

[ In their flashback ]

Jean) ...*Looks at Pyrus in fear*

Pyrus) It's okay...I'm a friend...

Jean) No you aren't...

Pyrus) I am...

Jean) No...You aren't...

Pyrus) Why am I not?

( Jean kisses Pyrus, quickly )

Jean) Now you are...

Pyrus) ...*Keeps moving*

[ Back to reality ]

Pyrus) It took me time to figure that out

Jean) Just you're jealous because I do like Wolf...

Pyrus) Just like I can call Marcus and tell him I found you

Jean) Then you're jealous

Pyrus) Alright...I'm calling! *Walks to the door with cell phone out*

Jean) No...Please...

Pyrus) Doesn't matter, I'm evil >=D *Grabs door handle*

( Wolf opens the door )

( Pyrus falls to the ground, dropping his phone and lays on the floor unconscious )

Wolf) *Looks to the side* Woops...

Jean) Just in time...

Wolf) ?

Jean) He was going to call Marcus on me...

Wolf) And you have your hiding place...

Jean) He would have told Marcus about it and then Marcus would kill me...

Wolf) So...I'm like your guardian...

Jean) Yeah...My evil guardian =D

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