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C22Helios) Oh yeah! >=D *Turns to Dralios*

Ice) Ha-

Blue) BORING! *Turns to Blight*

Ice) GOD! *Turns to Clawiurge*

Wolf) *Looks to his side* Oh, three against one! *Hand changes to Cyrowolf's paw* ...

Blight) XD ONLY A PAW!

Wolf) And I only need this one paw to defeat you all!

Dralios) He didn't just say that...

Wolf) That you're weak Dralios because...YOU ARE!

Dralios) ... *Jumps into the air* WEAK! *Charges towards Wolf*

Wolf) ...*Releases a tornado of black winds from his palm* O_O

( Dralios stops moving from pushing into the winds )

( Dralios releases black lightning-flames from his palm )

( The black lightning-flames head towards Wolf )

Wolf) NO! NO! NO! *Winds glow a dark green, intensifying*

( The black lightning-flames shoot towards Dralios )

( Dralios crashes into a wall )

Wolf) Weak...*Grabs Blight's sword without looking*...Really? *Flips up and drop kicks Blight's face*

( Blight falls down, dropping his sword )

Wolf) Take-

( Clawiurge's claws smash Wolf's body )

( Wolf crashes on the bottom of the sword )

( Clawiurge fires a laser from her tail )

( Wolf rolls out of the way )

Clawiurge) O_O *Gets hit by the laser*

( Wolf releases winds from his one paw, sending him into the air )

( Wolf's feet slam into Clawiurge's head )

( Clawiurge turns to Ice )

Wolf) One do- *Dralios charges into Wolf, slamming him to the ground*

Blight) *Grabs sword* You're done and my boredom will continue...*Raises sword*

Wolf) *Glows purple* Sure?!

Dralios) What the-

( An explosion of power happens, while Wolf stands up with new looks )

Cyrowolf) Oh yeah...I LOVE THIS NEW LOOK, IT LOOKS SO...

( Dralios charges into Cyrowolf )

( Cyrowolf holds his arm out, while Dralios charges into his spikes )

Cyrowolf) So...Evil...

( Dralios turns back to C22Helios )

( Cyrowolf looks at Blight )

Blight) *Drops sword* I surrender...*Gets on knees*

Cyrowolf) Too bad *Releases a cyclone of spikes with his arm*

Blight) SH*T!

( Blight gets hit and turns to Blue )

Cyrowolf) Now to show Jean...*Turns back to Wolf*

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