Further into the forest...

( Roxanoid jumps )

( Lightning flashes, making Roxanoid's body turn white )

( Jenna's body shakes )

Nintendo) It's alright, Ice and me have you...

( Roxanoid lands )

Icefern) And you'll be safe

Flareburst Roxanoid) A few more jumps and we'll be there

Nintendo) Okay!

( Roxanoid jumps again )

( Thunder crackles )

( Roxanoid lands )

( Black lightning leaves the clouds )

( Roxanoid jumps )

( The black lightning bolt misses Roxanoid, but rocks fly into the air )

Nintendo) ...

( Another black lightning bolt bursts towards Roxanoid )

( Roxanoid jumps towards his side )

( The black lightning bolt hits the ground )

( Roxanoid lands and propels off a tree )

( The tree snaps and falls )

( A third black lightning bolt bursts out of the clouds )

( Roxanoid jumps forward, unaware of the black lightning bolt about to make impact on him )

( Leonial comes out of her ball form )

Flareburst Roxanoid) *Lands* ONE-

( The black lightning bolt hits Leonial )

Flareburst Roxanoid) ...

( Leonial absorbs the black lightning bolt )

( Roxanoid takes a final jump, also low )

( Leonial falls onto the ground and runs towards the cave )

( Roxanoid bangs his head on the cave's mountainous structure and turns to his ball form )

( Nintendo, Ice, and Jenna fall )

( Leonial catches Nintendo, Ice, and Jenna, with her body )

( Leonial slides into the cave )

Nintendo) ...*Rolls off Leonial*

( Jenna and Ice stay on Leonial )

Ice) Nice...Soft...Fur...

Flareburst Roxanoid) *Floats towards Nintendo with some anger* MY HEAD HURTS!

Humagons-Times Collide: Episode 9

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