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( Professor Nintendo and Dr. Val activate the final step of the time machine )

( A portal opens inside the metal frame )

Professor Nintendo) Let's get this over with, everyone coming, go along!

( C22, Ice, and DF walk towards the portal )

Wolfgang) *Kisses Jenna's forehead* Daddy loves you, tell Mommy he said "hi".

( Professor Nintendo looks up towards the ceiling, after noticing movement )

( Wolfgang hands Jenna over to Nintendo )

Jenna) Dada.

Nintendo) See you soon.

Wolfgang) Really soon.

( C22 walks up to Professor Nintendo )

C22) So, what happened to me? How did I disappear?

Professor Nintendo) I cannot tell you.

C22) Please!

Professor Nintendo) Sorry, but no.

( Ice walks into the portal )

( DF follows Ice into the portal )

Professor Nintendo) Be prepared for a nice fall, though.

C22) My awesomeness will protect me.

Professor Nintendo) Right...

C22) Well, see ya.

Professor Nintendo) Bye!

( C22 walks away )

Jenna) DADA!

Nintendo) *Rubbing Jenna's back, while walking* It's okay.

Jenna) DADA!

( Nintendo rubs Jenna's back still )

( C22 enters the portal; Ice, DF, and C22 turn and wait for Nintendo and Jenna )

( Jenna tries her best at throwing the locket )


Nintendo) ...

( Jenna "wiggles" in Nintendo's arms )

Nintendo) Calm down, Jenna.

( Jenna slips out of Nintendo's grip )

Nintendo) Jenna...

( Jenna picks the locket up and runs back to Wolfgang )

Wolfgang) Jenna...

Jenna) *Running towards Wolfgang* DADA!

( Wolfgang puts his hands through his hair )

Nintendo) *Walking towards Jenna* Jenna.

( C22 walks forward, but is shocked by electricity, unable to exit the portal )

( A bakugan takes off )

( Winds quickly pick up, causing Jenna to fall )

( Winds collide with Nintendo, throwing him into the portal )


( Nintendo crashes into C22, DF, and Ice )

( They all fall together )

( A bakugan and person stop in front of the portal )

Wolfgang) *Furious* DAD!

Wolf) The winds flow. The winds rush. Times collide, with a new twist to what you've known! *Wolfie enters the portal with Wolf*

( The time machine falls apart )

( The portal closes )


( A small explosion sets off from the time machine )

Professor Nintendo) ...*Wipes coat a bit*

Wolfgang) ...*Pushes his hair back with hands*


( Wolfgang turns to the wall and repeatedly kicks the wall )

Professor Nintendo) Ugh...

Val) *Runs into the room* WHAT HAPPENED?!


Val) Not everyone's alright, I see.

( Wolfgang puts his head against the wall )

Val) Ugh...I go get something to drink, and something wrong happens...

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