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The thunderstorm has started with rain suddenly pouring and a few flashes of lightning...

Thunderstorm sound effects: Click here

( Dralios falls and rolls onto his feet )

Extremis Helios) Okay, now Mr.Buff wants to see what you've got!

( Dralios charges his palms with electrical sparks coming out )

Extremis Helios) Nice! *Looks at C22 and groans* C22...

C22) Ability Activate! Laser Precision! ( Extremis changes to haos and conjure a bow made of light )

( Extremis changes to Haos and conjures at bow of light )

( Dralios shoots black electricity from his right palm )

( Extremis rolls to his left )

( The lightning crashes into the ground )

( Extremis shoots an arrow at Dralios )

( Dralios releases black lightning from his left palm, while charging his right )

( The black lightning destroys the arrow and crashes into a tree )

( The tree falls )

( Extremis releases another arrow )


Extremis Helios) What?

C22) Look up

Extremis Helios) *Looks up* OH GEEZ...I'M BUFF! *Drops bow and grabs the tree* Not a big deal...

( The arrow heads towards Dralios )

( Extremis throws the tree towards Dralios )

( Dralios grabs the arrow )

( Dralios slashes the incoming tree )

( The tree gets sliced in-half )

( Dralios throws the arrow through the opening )

( The arrow heads towards Extremis )

( Dralios pushes the tree's top part back towards Extremis, while the bottom falls )

C22) Linked Abilities Activate! Light Extreme! ( (Haos) Extremis turns into light after changing to Haos ) + Shadow Movement! ( (Darkus) Extremis turns into a shadow after turning to darkus )

( Extremis turns to Haos and travels as light )

( Extremis stands on the arrow )

( Dralios holds his palms into the air )

( Extremis smashes the arrow and turns to Darkus )

( Extremis disappears )

( Extremis appears under the tree's shadow )

( Extremis jumps towards Dralios )

( Dralios shoots lightning into the clouds above )

( A lightning bolt strikes a tree behind C22 )

C22) O_O *Runs away*

( A tree falls in-front of C22 )

C22) O_O PHEW! *Runs to his left*

( The broken tree crashes into the ground, nearly missing C22 )

( However, C22 falls, in a wrong way )

( C22 rolls and grabs near his left ankle )

( Dralios grabs Extremis with his one palm )

( Lightning charges into Extremis' throat )

( A black lightning bolt comes from the clouds )

( Dralios and Extremis get hit )

( Extremis turns to his ball form, while Dralios turns back to C22Helios )

Humagons-Times Collide: Episode 8

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