Professor Nintendo has walked up to Clint and the attendance book, after having Wolfgang and everyone explain...

Professor Nintendo) Huh. Someone unplugged Clint...Odd.

DF) They're robots!

Professor Nintendo) Yeah.

DF) Can you program Claire to not mop my face?

Professor Nintendo) Too busy to do that.

Nintendo) Can you fix entrance door, so people can exit?

Professor Nintendo) Once again, too busy.

DF) How did you exit the building?

Professor Nintendo) Backdoor.

Nintendo) How do people feel about you?

Professor Nintendo) It's about 75% good, while 15% negative, with 10% of not being noticed.

Nintendo) That's pretty good.

DF) So...Wolfgang said you had a sidekick, who is it?

Professor Nintendo) Unfortunely, it was suppose to be you, but you went missing, long ago. You touched Meteonoid, and we haven't seen you since.

DF) Really?

Professor Nintendo) But then we had C22, and he went missing.

C22) :O

Extremis Helios) How about Lady and me?

Lady Heat) Yeah...

Professor Nintendo) Missing with C22.

DF) Then who's your sidekick?

Professor Nintendo) Val, of course.

Val) :O Really!

Professor Nintendo) Yes.

Val) Awesome!

Professor Nintendo) Now, you're all here to go back to your time, correct?

Wolfgang) Yeah.

Ice) We told you that three times.

Professor Nintendo) Three times the charm, let's hope I don't ask again.

Ice) Hopefully.

Professor Nintendo) Unfortunely, there is seven of you and only five can go back, from my time machine's power. That is, including bakugans.

Wolfgang) ...

Jenna) Mama.

Wolfgang) Yes.

Nintendo, C22, DF, and Ice) ...*Point to Val*

Val) Why are you pointing at me, please don't make me stay!

Nintendo) You're staying, it's four to six people's choice. You're staying.


Nintendo) Not like you had anything important to do...

Val) So...?

Nintendo) Wolfgang, Jenna, DF and me are going.

C22) WHAT?!

Nintendo) Do you have a family to take care of?

C22) No, but DF can stay, while you take care of Trent.

Nintendo) True...DF, you're out automatically going.


Wolfgang) ...

Nintendo) So now you can fight each other for the spot.

Wolfgang) No, this is how it's going to go. Jenna's going, Nintendo's going, C22's going, Ice's going, and DF's going. Val sorry, but you're staying, with me.

Val) That's not as bad.

Wolfgang) We'll get back at another time.

Nintendo) What about Samantha? And possibly seeing Aaron being born?

Wolfgang) I'll see Samantha soon and I'll be back before Aaron is born, besides I'll get a little more time with Aaron and help him here...

Professor Nintendo) And this is your final choice?

Wolfgang) Yeah

Nintendo) Yes, it is, me.

Professor Nintendo) Everyone else agree?

C22, DF, Val, and Ice) Yeah!

Professor Nintendo) Then let's get this doooon-

Dr. Val) *Peaks head through the door* HI GUYS! Professor, the time machine is turning on as we speak.

Professor Nintendo) Good, follow Dr. Val. I'll be with you guys in a minute.


( Jean leans against Aaron, sleeping. They're both handcuffed to a tree, sitting )

( Aaron stares at Marcus )

( Marcus stares at Aaron )

( Volf and Skyeroid are in-between Marcus, Aaron, and Jean, in ball forms, in cases )

( Winds blow )

Marcus) You know the trade now?

Aaron) No.

Marcus) Jean's life.

Aaron) ...No.

Marcus) Yes...That is if, Wolfgang want his bakugans back.

Aaron) ...

Marcus) AND YOU HAVE NO CHOICE! *Runs towards Jean*

Back in the office...

( Professor Nintendo examies Clint's wire )

Professor Nintendo) He's been unplugged...

( Looks at the sloppy wire coiled around Clint's chair )

Professor Nintendo) But he didn't do this himself, it would be neat. Someone must have done this...

Humagons-Times Collide: Episode 70

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