That night...

( Ice, Val, Nintendo, and Wolfgang are laying on the floor )

( C22 and DF are sleeping on the couch )

( Jenna, however, got to sleep on top of her father, like most of the times )

( A person walks into the building, sneaking around )

( Clint sleep with his head down, but not touching anything, as if he was a robot on batteries )

( The person opens the door, into a another room, and continues on )

In a forest...

???) Place them right here! *Points to the trees*

( The officers slam Jean and Aaron into the trees and put them into a seated position )

Aaron) Keep in note, you guys need to be more gentle!

Jean) Especially to a beautiful lady!

Aaron) You okay, Jean?

Jean) Ye-

Officer 1) SHUT UP! *Stomps on Aaron*

( Officer 2 pulls Officer 1 away from Aaron )

???) *Hand in bakugan form's look* Thanks guys, your services are no longer required! *Punches Officer 1*

( ???'s claws go through Officer 1 and Officer 2 )

???) Pathetic! *Pushes both officers off*

( The officers fall to the ground, dead )

( Aaron slowly gets up )

???) I WOULDN'T GET UP! *Punches*

( ???'s claws go through the trees, next to Aaron and above Jean )

Aaron) ...

???) I'm mad as it is, since our deal is ruined!

Back by Wolfgang and the others...

DF) What now?

( Sounds are heard from another room )

DF) ...Sleep time!

( The sounds stop )

DF) ...*Covers head, with eyes peaking through*

( A person is seen, through the door's window )

( DF's heart rate rises )

Night goes by, the next morning has came...

( A person walks in swinging his keys, wearing formal clothing, carrying a folder overfilled with papers, and whistles )

( The person still whistles, looking at everyone sleeping on the ground )

( The person's folder drops )

??? 2) Him...I know, him...But, how can it be! *Bends down*

( The person pokes Nintendo )

( Nintendo wakes up )

Nintendo) AHHHH!

( Everyone wakes up, except Clint )

??? 2) AHHHH!

Nintendo) You're me!

Professor Nintendo) I'M YOU!


DF) *Rubs eyes* Now wha- O_O ...THIS IS REALLY CREEPY NOW!

In another room...

??? 3) ****!

Humagons-Times Collide: Episode 69

Humagons-Times Collide: Episode 68 was...?

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