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Those next two days...

Nintendo) Ugh...When do we see this so called "Mad Lawyer"?

DF) I know, right! I want to see who he is!

Clint) *Flips the page* Auh, here you go. Your appointment is tomorrow, please go have a seat, and wait.

Nintendo) ...

Clint) Enjoy your day! :)

( DF walks away quickly )

Nintendo) You too, sir. *Turns around and walks with DF*

DF) He scares me.

Nintendo) *Looks at Clint and back at DF* Same, he's a little creepy.

( Clint tilts his head )

Claire) *Grabs DF's arm* Looks like you need some cleaning! *Wipes DF's face with a mop, in her other hand*

Nintendo) ...

Claire) All done *Tilts head and leaves*

DF) *Spits water out of mouth* I hate this place!

Nintendo) By the way, you do know where that water could of been from...

DF) O_O I need to rinse my mouth out...*Walks away from Nintendo*

In the bathroom...

( Wolfgang splashes his face with water )

Wolfgang) Almost back, Samantha...*Gets a comb out of his pocket and combs his hair* I cannot wait to see you again...

( Wolfgang finishes combing his hair )

Wolfgang) *Shakes his head* I look pretty nice. *Puts the combing away*

( The bathroom door makes a bang, probably from shutting )

Wolfgang) Hey!

DF) Hello.

Wolfgang) DF, come here...

DF) Okay...? *Walks to Wolfgang*

Wolfgang) *Pulls a bag out of his pocket* You want to save Meteonoid, I have an idea.

DF) YES! What's your idea?!

Wolfgang) *Opens the bag* Hold your hand out.

( DF holds his hand out )

( Wolfgang takes a square object out of the bag and drops it onto DF's hand )

( The square object enters DF's hand )

( DF gets chills )

Wolfgang) Thing is, this is what will bring Meteonoid back, hopefully...

DF) Really...?

Wolfgang) Yes, all you have to do is get your palm on Meteonoid, and you can save him. However, you're going to have to do most of the things required alone.

DF) Thanks!

On a couch...

C22) So...

Nintendo) We cannot leave.

C22) We can go sleep in the C-MV22.

Ice) We cannot, the door doesn't open from here.

C22) WHAT?!

Ice) Val and me tested it out, it doesn't open...

C22) So, we're stuck here!

Ice) Yeah.

C22) I'm not sleeping on the floor!

Nintendo) *Looks at Jenna, whom is asleep, on the couch* Neither is Jenna.


Officer 1) ...Explain this! *Holding Aaron by his shirt*

Aaron) ...

Officer 1) *Punches Aaron* EXPLAIN!

Aaron) ...

Officer 2) ...

Officer 1) *Punches Aaron again* I SAID: EXPLAIN!

Aaron) No...

Officer 1) *Goes for another punch* ERR!

Officer 2) *Stops Officer 1's hand* No need to go any further, we've got our answers.

Aaron) ...

Officer 2) You're under arrest!

Aaron) ...

Out of the basement, Jean sits down, handcuffed...

Jean) WHY?!

Blue) Because, it's the truth!


Blue) Me.


( Blue gives Jean the middle finger )

Jean) ...<BEEP> YOU!

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