The next day...

( Aaron and Wolfgang are lifting weights )

Aaron) *Lifts* 10 *Lowers*

Wolfgang) You're pretty stronger, aren't you?

Aaron) *Lifts* 11 *Lowering* Yeah.

Wolfgang) That's nice. *Lifts*

Jean) *Peaks through* They're here.

Wolf) Ugh...

Wolfgang) Same as yesterday?

Jean) Yeah *Walks in with Jenna*

Wolfgang) Okay, I guess I'll see you guys later...

Jean) *Hands Jenna to Wolfgang* They're in the car.

Wolfgang) Who?

Jean) C22, Nintendo, Val, Ice, and DF.

Wolfgang) Okay *Looks at Aaron* We'll continue this later...

The next day...

( Wolfgang and Aaron, sit in chairs, talking )

Aaron) ...

Wolfgang) I'm sorry if you don't like that, but I cannot stay. I've got to go back to my time, and you have to do what you have to do here. Understood?

Aaron) Yeah.

Wolfgang) So what do we do today?

Aaron) How ab-

Jenna) *Running to Wolfgang with pictures in her hand* DADA!

( Jean walks out of the room, Jenna ran from )

Wolfgang) Yes?

( Jenna gets to Wolfgang and reaches up )

( Wolfgang picks Jenna up )

Jenna) Dada.

( Aaron watches )

( Jenna shows Wolfgang the pictures, without surprise, Jean and Aaron are in them )

Jean) Wolfgang, take them, when you go.

Wolfgang) Okay

Jean) By the way, they're watching us from outside with binoculars.

Wolfgang) WHAT?!

Jean) Not over here, but over in the room Jenna and me where in.

Wolfgang) So...C22, Nintendo, DF, Val, Ice, Jenna, and me cannot drive away from here.

Jean) Yep...

Wolfgang) This is where I wish Volf was around.

Aaron) How are we getting her back, anyways?

Wolfgang) Don't know...

Jean) We could

The next day...

( Aaron is in his room writing )


( Aaron doesn't answer, he just keeps writing, on the back sheets of lined paper )

Raphoon Razeun) QUIT IT!

( Aaron still writes )

Raphoon Razeun) Give me attention!

Aaron) No, I'm busy Razeun.

Raphoon Razeun) *Happy* Attention!

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