( Wolfgang runs into the room )

( Lady Heat drops the shield, she held )

( ??? 3 is gone )

( Wolfgang quickly runs to Nintendo and C22, checking their conditions )

( Wolfgang gets a shock from touching them both, but notices their heart rate and breathing is normal )

Wolfgang) Volf, I wish you were here...

( The battlefield slowly recovers from the massive damage )

By Aaron...

( Aaron's still writing in a notepad )

Raphoon Razeun) Back!

( Aaron doesn't answer )

Raphoon Razeun) Hello?

( Aaron remains quiet )

Raphoon Razeun) QUIT IGNORING ME! *Goes into Aaron's suitcase*

Aaron) Done! *Puts pencil down, closes the notepad, and runs out of his room*

Raphoon Razeun) *Comes out of the suitcase**Upset* HE LEFT ME!

( Aaron runs through the hallway, but suddenly freezes )

Aaron) Kyuuga...*Puts notepad in pocket* Kyuuga...*Gets on his knees with hands on Kyuuga, ready to shake him* You're not okay...


( Jean moves back and forth with Jenna, while Wolfgang is still in the battlefield room )

( Jenna giggles )

Jean) So, you get to see your Mom next week...

Jenna) Mama!

Jean) Yeah, her. Do you feel happy?

Jenna) Happy!

Jean) Good.

( Jenna looks down and touches both of Jean's shoulders )

Jean) Yes?

( Jenna looks at Jean and then back at the ground )

Jean) You want down?

Jenna) *Looking down* ...

Jean) Yes?

Jenna) Yes!

Jean) Okay, you're going to have to wait a few minutes, though.

Jenna) I want down.

Jean) I know, but I need to ask your Dada something.

Jenna) DADA!

Wolfgang) Yes, Jenna?

Jean) I'm taking Jenna to the park, okay with you?!

Wolfgang) No, no park.

Jenna) PARK!

Wolfgang) No.

Jenna) I GO PARK!

Wolfgang) Ugh...

Aaron) *From a distance* JEAN!

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